The all new sit stand Motus range!

Osmond Motus Sit StandWe have spent a long time looking for a desk which offers manufacturing excellence, great flexibility and design at an attractive price. We are delighted to introduce the Motus range. It is ideally suited to many applications such as home use, office, call centre or hot-desking. The standard specification includes a steel, height-adjustable frame, choice of top width between 1200mm-1800mm and programmable memory control. The memory control is a unique feature at this price. A 1600mm x 800mm desk, for example, is just £495 + VAT.

What is the advantage of a memory control? The obvious application would be in hot-desking or co-working applications, where preferences can be set for different tasks or activities. Read more

Sitting or standing? How to achieve a happy medium

Recent publicity surrounding sedentary lifestyles detailed how sitting at work all day can have a negative impact on our health, stating also that changing positions throughout the day burns calories.  In response, interest in sit-stand desks is growing, but how do you know what solution Read more

Procurement Ergonomics from System Concepts

Ergonomists at System Concepts help companies chose the most suitable workplace equipment for their staff and customers.  By understanding the needs of users, and how, when and where they will use the equipment our consultants help companies: Read more