MasterMover the bread and butter of the food industry

Recent years have seen a significant increase in farm-to-fork initiatives. Many food manufacturers are now investing heavily in traceability to follow the journey of products, yet this largely focusses on tracking technology rather than physical movement. Here, Andy Owen, managing director of electric tug specialist MasterMover, looks at the importance of efficient handling and logistics in the food and beverage industry.

The number of food product recalls and ingredient scandals throughout Europe in recent years has made many consumers understandably cautious about what exactly they are eating. As a response to this newfound scepticism, traceability is becoming increasingly important in the food supply chain. Read more

Pristine Condition Helps Tesco Distribution Achieve 60% Reduction In Manual Handling Incidents


Revolutionary bio mechanics study proves Pristine Condition manual handling techniques reduces risk factors for injury by up to 94%

A bio-mechanics study, recently commissioned by health & safety specialist, Pristine Condition, in conjunction with Tesco Distribution, has revealed ground-breaking results, and helped the supermarket retailer achieve 60% reduction in manual handling cheap phentermine wholesale incidents.

The purpose of the study was to objectively and technically measure the manual handling risk reduction when applying Pristine Principles across a number of key Tesco Distribution Centre manual handling tasks. Read more


EnersysBattery HandlingSystemThe majority of lift trucks used in warehouses and factories are battery powered. This means that battery handling – including charging and changing – can be one of the most important day-to-day tasks. Battery and lift truck suppliers have made great strides in recent years to ensure these routine procedures are carried out quickly, efficiently and above all safely. Sooner or later a lift truck battery must be recharged. Charging in-situ can take too long in intensive applications and the only way Read more

Toyota expands its range of pallet trucks available to buy online

Levio, LWE130, back side viewToyota Material Handling UK has expanded its range of pallet trucks that can be ordered online with the addition of the LWE130 entry-level powered pallet truck.

Toyota offers a simple method of purchasing a range of horizontal mover trucks including BT Lifter hand pallet trucks and BT Levio powered pallet trucks at All these trucks are designed to help reduce manual handling.

The range of pallet trucks on offer a simple solution to a wide range of horizontal transport needs.  One of the simplest Read more

Toyota launches new BT High Lifter Hand Pallet Trucks

HHL100_App3Toyota Material Handling launches two new BT Lifter models: the HHM100 manual and HHL100 electric high lifting hand pallet trucks.

These new models have been designed to be quieter in operation, easier for operators to manoeuvre and have a maximum lifting capacity of 1000kg. The electric HHL100 comes with improved features including a higher battery capacity (63Ah) which offers longer operating times plus a battery indicator to avoid unnecessary charging.

With a lift height of 80cm, the BT High lifter models are great for not only moving goods quickly and easily, but they can also elevate loads to a Read more