The Solid Gear OCEAN Safety Shoe – Precision Safety and Comfort

Solid Gear continues to modernise PPE footwear with a safety shoe that looks and feels more like a trainer.

Combining a lightweight athletic look and superb safety features, the new OCEAN safety shoe is ideal for workers who are constantly on the move.

The shoe’s midsole is made of a poured PU rather than a traditional injected PU to give a more cushioned feel underfoot, while the thick rubber outsole provides a high level of anti-slip protection and durability.

With an eye-catching style, the shoe’s BOA comfort fastening delivers a better overall fit making it easy to take the shoe on and off,

Added to which, the shoe’s fibreglass toecap and ballistic midsole combine with the other protection features and anti-static properties to deliver S3 protection

So get to know more about the quality and innovation plus the top class safety functionality in every Solid Gear product – your feet will notice the difference.

 To get more information on Solid Gear – the Next Generation of Safety Footwear – visit the website at alternatively, call the Helpline on 01484 854788.

The Perfect Jacket and Trouser Combination For Winter – From Snickers Workwear

Stretch-comfort Work Trousers and Hi-Tech 37.5® Work Jackets for optimum weather-protection on site

Snickers Workwear is continually improving its working clothes with superb new stretch Work Trousers and Hi-Tech Jackets.

With great fit and superb value for money, the brand new comfort fabrics woven into Snickers’ newest street-smart Work Trousers deliver enhanced freedom of movement as well as improved comfort and close quarter mobility.

They’re perfectly complimented by the new, Hi-tech range of AllroundWork and FlexiWork jackets. They include 37.5® fabric technology garments for superb working comfort as well as others that are 100% waterproof, plus Hi-Vis working clothes for tradesmen and women that deliver maximum warmth, dryness and visibility when you need it most.

These jackets and trousers are the perfect combination – whatever the working environment or weather condition – so check out what’s best for you at

Getting information on the newest winter workclothes from Snickers Workwear is easy. You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788, checkout the website and download a digital catalogue at or email

New SHOWA S-TEX 377 – Outstanding oil grip and cut resistance

Global hand protection specialist Globus has enhanced its market-leading SHOWA gloves range with the launch of the highly cut resistant SHOWA S-TEX 377.

By combining the unique Hagane Coil® cut-resistant technology with the SHOWA double dipped nitrile grip coating, the new SHOWA S-TEX 377 is the perfect solution for oily environments with high cut risks such as oil and gas, engineering, press stamping and industrial maintenance.

Highly flexible, durable and comfortable, the fully coated nitrile S-TEX 377 protects against water, grease, oil and abrasion with the added benefit of high cut resistance – certified Level D to the new EN388 Standard. The additional black nitrile foam palm coating also provides outstanding grip in wet and oily conditions.

Cut resistance is delivered through the innovative Hagane Coil® technology – a unique SHOWA coiling process that binds high performance yarns to a stainless steel core – the same carbon steel used to create Samurai swords. By using Samurai Technology, the S-TEX 377 provides the wearer with enhanced cut protection compared to using natural or synthetic fibres.

High grip performance is delivered through the Nitrile foam palm coating – the microporous foam structure effectively absorbing liquids, creating great adhesion between the hand and whatever is being handled. Underneath, the flat nitrile coating protects the skin against oil and grease contact reducing the risk of dermatitis.

Available in sizes small to XXL, the addition of a long cuff protects wearers against the risk of wrist injuries whilst the elasticated knit wrist keeps the glove correctly adjusted and in place during use.

“The launch of the SHOWA S-TEX 377 is a fantastic addition to the already renowned SHOWA S-TEX range. Purpose-built for rugged industrial environments such as oil and gas and engineering, it balances the combination of high level cut resistance, grip performance and comfort perfectly,” said Globus Product Development Manager for Hand Protection, Gregory Tessier.

To find out more about the new SHOWA S-TEX 377 visit call 0161 877 4747 or email

Globus has created a free new guide to the new EN 388:2016 standard:

Riley’s ‘on sight’ eye care service puts safety in focus and helps save a worker’s vision

As a world leading supplier of hazardous and industrial area electrical, lighting and control gear products, Hubbell Scotland’s systems are renowned for delivering leading performance in extreme environments.

Installed in some of the most arduous and safety critical locations worldwide, Hubbell Scotland provides a complete package of electrical solutions to some of the toughest environments on the planet, from oil installations in the North Sea to refinery operations in the Middle East.

With approximately 60 employees at its Glasgow site, covering roles such as engineering and assembly with operatives carrying out tasks including spot welding, high pressure water applications, testing, grinding and pedestal drilling, Hubbell wanted to ensure its staff were also able to work safely and effectively at all times.

Despite relatively few eye hazards on the shop floor Hubbell’s parent company, Hubbell Incorporated made the decision to implement a mandatory safety eyewear policy programme across its operations.

To help them achieve this, Hubbell Scotland turned to performance safety eyewear specialist Riley® (part of Globus Group) who provided its workers with its convenient ‘On Sight’ eye care service.

Working with Hubbell Scotland’s HSE Manager Brian Barr, the Riley team spent two days at its premises with its ‘On Sight’ service – consisting of a state of the art, fully equipped mobile optician vehicle with an appointment given to each worker to have their eyes tested.

Eye tests were carried out on every worker to determine their eye health, provide the right safety eyewear and to ensure that workers with prescription eyewear requirements were provided with leading safety solutions that matched their specific needs.

Being able to test people in the workplace ensured very little disruption or inconvenience resulted for the workforce whilst also minimising any downtime.

Able to offer workers a much wider choice of prescription safety frames – many more than a typical high street optician – the ‘On Sight’ service was a real success. But the greatest benefit went far beyond the enhanced duty of care Hubbell wanted to provide to its workers.

For little did anyone think that one of Hubbell Scotland’s workers would have a serious eye health issue identified by the Riley service that, if left untreated would have led to the loss of his sight in one eye.

During an eye test conducted on Hubbell Scotland’s Production Supervisor, Riley’s optometrist identified a problem and the individual was immediately sent to hospital. A deeper macular degenerative matter, which he was completely unaware of was diagnosed and emergency treatment was given.

“The Riley eye care test picked up a problem, which if left untreated would have meant I would have lost my sight in one eye. I am extremely thankful as without the Riley service the end result could have been significantly worse and had far more serious consequences to me and my life,” said the Production Supervisor.

The Riley ‘On Sight’ eye care service has also been praised by Brian Barr, who believes it provides a number of measureable benefits.

“Riley did an exceptional job in arranging and testing all our employees and we will be using them again in future for our worker re-tests.”

“The expert service, saved time, was convenient for us and the workforce really saw the health benefits of us carrying out the tests. The Riley team are specialist in their field. We get high performance products for our workforce and in the case of our Production Supervisor – to identify a potentially life changing issue was testament to just how beneficial the service is.” said Brian.

“Sometimes going to the optician is a job that gets put down the list of people’s priorities, but our workers loved the fact they did not need the inconvenience of arranging an eye test themselves and in their own time and it was all done for them by qualified personnel at work. It was a real win-win.” he added.

To find out more about the full range of Riley safety eyewear specialist solutions visit

Hellburg Safety

Hultafors Group Acquires Hellberg Safety, Scandinavia’s Leading PPE Innovator

The Hultafors Group which owns Snickers Workwear, Solid Gear Safety Footwear and Hultafors Tools has acquired Hellberg Safety.

Hellberg Safety is a specialised supplier of PPE Equipment which includes highly advanced hearing protection products, face protection and communication solutions for personal protection.

David Clark, managing director of the Hultafors Group UK says, “We are delighted with this acquisition given that Hellberg PPE products complement the Snickers Workwear and Solid Gear Safety Footwear product portfolios perfectly – in particular the recently extended Snickers Workwear Hi-Vis working clothes range “.

“We will now be able to offer the UK market an even more extensive range of top quality premium brand products, ideally suited to protect the personal wellbeing and safety of the discerning professional tradesman and woman”.

Getting information on the new Hellberg Safety product range is easy – call the Snickers Workwear Helpline on 01484 854788 or checkout the website

Now part of the Hultafors Group, Hellberg Safety has been manufacturing specialist PPE Equipment since 1962. The product range includes highly advanced hearing protection products, face protection and communication solutions for personal protection. In the UK the Hellberg Safety PPE range is part of a portfolio of premium brands that includes Snickers Workwear, Solid Gear Safety Footwear and Hultafors Tools.

Snickers Workwear

The Snickers Workwear Brochure – Complete Freedom of Movement With The Newest Working Clothes.

Check out the latest workwear designs from Snickers Workwear that will really stretch you to the limit on site.

There’s superb new clothing styles coming your way to make working in cooler weather so much easier and comfortable – all of them incorporating the very latest in market-leading designs and stretch fabric technology.

There’s 37.5 high-tech Undergarments, plus Jackets, Trousers and Accessories added to the RUFFWork, FLEXIWork and ALLROUND clothing families for both professional craftsmen and women as well as the range of Hi-Vis garment collection for maximum safety and wellbeing.

They’re all working clothes that deliver superb functionality, comfort, protection, and are equipped for any task at hand.

Complimented by Snickers’ Profiling and Embroidery services and the UK’s most extensive range of garment sizes, Snickers’ Workwear System delivers the ultimate solution to make every man and woman’s workday easier and safer.

For more information, visit the website at, call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788.

Part of the Hultafors Group, Snickers Workwear manufactures and provides working clothes for professional tradesmen and women. The garments are renowned for their quality, functionality and innovative workplace solutions. The company was founded in Sweden in 1975 and since then has grown strongly so that today, Snickers Workwear is one of the world’s leading workwear brands and is represented in 26 countries.

The Solid Gear VENT Safety Shoe – Precision Safety and Comfort

Solid Gear continues to modernize safety footwear with the revolutionary ‘Infinity’ technology in this new shoe.

Combining a lightweight athletic look with maximum breathability and superb safety features, the new VENT safety shoe is ideal for workers who are constantly on the move.

VENT’s upper is made from lightweight mesh combined with Cordura and a TPU reinforcement to ensure cool comfort, maximum breathability and enhanced durability.

While the shoe’s two midsoles deliver stability, flexibility and optimal energy return for enhanced comfort on your feet, the rubber outsole provides a high level of anti-slip protection.

For added protection, the shoe’s NANO toe cap is 40% stronger than fiberglass and has a more athletic look that conventional metallic ones. What’s more, the BOA fastening system provides flexibility and high precision adjustment of the shoe.

So get to know more about the quality and innovation plus the top class safety functionality in every Solid Gear product – your feet will notice the difference.

 To get more information on Solid Gear – the Next Generation of Safety Footwear – visit the website at alternatively, call the Helpline on 01484 854788.

ALPHASHIELD 2200 – bound to deliver greater protection for workers

Personal protective equipment manufacturer Alpha Solway has enhanced its Alphashield range of lightweight Type 5/6 coveralls with the launch of its 2200 – featuring fully bound seams.

Providing highly effective head to ankle protection against a range of particulate hazards and light liquid splashes, the new Alphashield 2200 is ideally suited for workers across a range of industry sectors including pharmaceutical and electronic manufacturing, bodyshop, paint spraying, resin and fibreglass applications through to environmental and crime scene investigation applications.

Manufactured from a microporous polyethylene laminate, the key to the 2200’s performance lies in the strength of its fully bound seams, which deliver greater strength and protection by overlaying two sections of material with an outer binding before being tightly chain stitched through all the layers.

With seams of the 2200 bound in this way, the result is an extremely strong, highly protective and lightweight limited life coverall which, combined with the Alphashield material, provides enhanced durability. 

Indeed, EN ISO tests carried out on the 2200 have proven it to be one of the strongest for seam strength – unlike many Type 5/6 coveralls on the market today that can easily rip and split exposing the wearer and their immediate environment to contamination.

By utilising microporous material, warm air is able to escape and keeps the user cooler for longer. The addition of thumb loops prevents the sleeves from moving up during use, keeping the wrist and forearm covered whilst the elasticated ankles, wrists and waist provide a better fit. The innovative three-piece elasticated hood construction also provides the wearer with added comfort, durability and fit.

“The 2200 is a fantastic addition to the Alphashield family. The first to offer fully bound seams, the combination of protection and durability make it a great quality option for environments where contamination control and prevention is essential,” said Nick Moore, Product Development Director for Alpha Solway.

For more information and to request your trial sample of the new Alphashield 2200 visit 

Alpha Solway Launches Award-Winning Enha Head Protection Range Into UK and Ireland

Europe’s multi award-winning range of safety helmets by ENHA are now available in the UK and Ireland thanks to worker safety specialist Alpha Solway, part of Globus Group.

A well established and respected innovator in head protection across mainland Europe with a reputation for quality and performance, ENHA’s extensive range of safety helmets has been designed to provide protection for workers across multiple sectors including construction, utilities, manufacturing, engineering, metal working and forestry.

The new innovative range of hard hats provides safety managers with a fresh opportunity to reinvigorate the head protection provided to workers. Designed and manufactured in ENHA’s German facilities, using cutting edge technology and production techniques, all ENHA helmets conform to EN 397 having been tested under different temperatures between +50°C and -30°C.

Innovative Head Protection Solutions

Products available include the state of the art, Ranger safety helmet, featuring a patented, double walled impact absorption system – Crashbox. Proven to transmit significantly less energy to the suspension harness in the event of an impact from above, Crashbox absorbs the impact energy, not the user. As a result, Ranger helmets have revolutionised head protection across Europe.

The Ranger is joined by the specialist E-MAN range of safety helmets. These also include the Crashboximpact absorption protection system and are designed specifically for electricians and electrical engineers operating in workplaces where the hazard of an electrical arc flash extends up to 7000A.

Wider solutions include the Rockman series of safety helmets, offering a range of features including excellent energy absorption impact rates, increased neck protection, self-releasing chin straps, high level comfort and a matt finish to the top of the helmet to prevent the appearance of scuff marks when not in use.

There is also a range of specialist Rockman solutions available for those working in engineering and metal working environments where risks include excessive heat, light and molten metal.  This is joined by a range specifically designed for forestry workers which includes sets that combine head, eye, face and hearing protection.

All of the helmets across the ENHA range are manufactured using premium ultraviolet (UV)-stabilised granulate, minimising any impact on performance that heat, cold and sunlight can have on traditional helmets.

For added user convenience and safety, many of the helmets in the ENHA range are available with a ratchet system that allows wearers to easily adjust the helmet using a single hand – even when wearing a safety glove.

Steven Binnie, Sales Director for Alpha Solway said “We are thrilled to be launching the ENHA head protection products into the UK and Ireland. A truly comprehensive, high performance and innovative array of solutions for safety managers and workers across a wide range of industry sectors.

“ENHA’s reputation is already well established across mainland Europe through their award-winning approach.  The quality and performance combined with revolutionary, innovative features and sector specific solutions gives safety managers a great opportunity to undertake a fresh review of their head protection programmes to ensure they have workers covered effectively.”

To find out more about the ENHA range of head protection visit or call +44 (0) 1461 202452 or email

Globus Group Combining Cutting Edge PPE Solutions With Dedicated Support At A+A 2017

Globus Group – world leaders in PPE protecting people – will be highlighting the latest personal protective equipment solutions from its Alpha Solway and Riley brands at this year’s A+A. This international event will be held on 17-20th October 2017 in Dusseldorf.

Visitors to the Globus Group stand G03 in Hall 4, will be able to see the new PPE innovations from Alpha Solway® including Alpha FLOW™ disposable masks, Alpha SOTA™ hearing protection and Chemsol HG Lite chemical clothing. Alongside, the new cutting-edge Riley® range of protective eyewear will be showcased.

Key products on display from Alpha Solway will include:

  • The new range of Alpha FLOW™ disposable respirators featuring low breathing resistance, a newly designed, larger exhalation valve to reduce heat build-up and the company’s first FFP3 model with a charcoal filter
  • The high-performance Alpha SOTA™ hearing protection range – including the new SimpleFit ear plug and range of ear defenders
  • Brand new Chemsol HG Lite protective suit, designed to protect wash-down workers against cleaning chemicals and food and animal fats
  • Chemmaster – widely considered the industry standard in comfortable chemical protective clothing and ChemCre8 – the unique and easy on-line service enabling protective suits to be tailor-made (including branding) to a company’s requirements.

The recently launched Riley® brand – delivering the latest in European high-performance safety eyewear solutions – will buy phentermine reviews display a sophisticated and contemporary-styled range of high comfort spectacles, goggles and face shields featuring:

  • High performance TECTON™ protective coatings, cured to both sides of the lens to provide enhanced anti-fog and anti-scratch performance (EN 166 ‘K’ and ’N’) for the lifespan of the product, UV400 protection and moisture resistance
  • A range of lens tints to optimise vision for the wearer in different environments

Visitors can also find out about Riley’s specialist RX safety prescription service which offers a contemporary range of styles all manufactured in Riley’s own UK facility and featuring impact resistant (EN166 Level F) polycarbonate lenses.

“We are delivering some really exciting developments in worker safety solutions across both the Alpha Solway and Riley brands, using the latest innovations in both design and manufacturing, and are really looking forward to introducing these to visitors at this year’s A+A show,” said Steve Shale, Marketing Manager for Globus Group.

“In addition to product quality and a vast amount of expertise, Globus Group is dedicated to supporting our customers with market leading PPE technical knowledge, training and education to really help manage the safety and well-being of workers across a wide range of industry sectors,” added Steve.

To find out more about the range of solutions that will feature on the Globus Group stand at A+A visit