Svantek UK splits sales team with appointment of applications engineer for the North

Aaron Priestley brings extensive sales and client relationship management experience to newly created role

In line with an ambitious growth strategy, Bedford-based Svantek UK – leading manufacturer of advanced noise and vibration instrumentation for environmental and health & safety analysis and monitoring applications – has divided its sales team into two distinct territories with the appointment of Aaron Priestley as its Applications Engineer for the North.

Aaron joins Svantek UK from testing, inspection and certification business, British Engineering Services, where he spent five years in a variety of sales and customer service roles, most recently as Business Development Manager.

“I feel like I am joining Svantek UK at an exciting time,” comments Aaron. “I am looking forward to working with the rest of the team and developing sales in the North.”

Aaron’s appointment follows the recent addition of Matthew Lunn as Svantek UK’s Applications Engineer covering the South and the promotion of Aidan Hubbard to Sales Manager.

Paul Rubens, General Manager at Svantek UK says: “Svantek UK’s continued growth has made it increasingly evident that a geographical split of the sales function was the best way forward to ensure renewed focus on individual territories. Aaron’s calibre and background make him a great addition to the team and will help further strengthen customer relationships for Svantek UK in the North.”

Svantek’s noise and vibration instrumentation is ideal for a wide range of applications including sound measurements, environmental noise, occupational noise, building acoustics, ultrasound/infrasound, high level / low level noise, hand-arm vibration, whole-body vibration, machine vibration, building / ground vibration and tonality measurement.

Svantek’s UK based laboratory can provide traceable calibrations using state-of-the-art calibration technology and instrumentation backed by the highest levels of knowledge and competence.

Protect Employees from Chemical Exposure with Casella’s New VAPex Pump

Casella launches intrinsically safe low flow pump for chemical exposure monitoring

Casella, air sampling, noise and vibration specialist, has launched its advanced and lightweight low flow pump, the VAPex Pro. The elite low flow pump is the ideal solution for seamless reporting on employee’s levels of chemical exposure, saving occupational hygienists’ crucial time in their working day.

In 2018, the United Nations stressed the importance of improving the prevention of chemical exposures at work, with The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimating that one worker dies every 30 seconds from exposure to toxic chemicals, pesticides, radiation and other hazardous substances.[1]

The VAPex, with a flow rate of 20mL to 500mL/min, is intrinsically safe and assists occupational hygienists in the measurement of chemical exposure levels such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

The pocket-sized sampling device allows the user to easily carry the pump around a site, equipped with a run time of over 34 hours under typical operating conditions. In addition, the VAPex pump is designed with three LED lights that indicate the pump battery’s status from a distance, preventing any unexpected charge failures that might disrupt monitoring activity.

A headache for many occupational hygienists is the time it takes to transfer their written notes and sample data collected on site. However, using the VAPex Pro in conjunction with Casella’s Airwave App via Bluetooth, occupational hygienists have access to an easy to use system that enables the operator to record their notes and input data instantaneously, using a tablet or mobile device.  The Airwave App can also be used to check the pump remotely, saving time by preventing the need to disturb the wearer of the pump.

Tim Turney, Technical Product Manager at Casella explains, “Our new VAPex low flow pump is designed to make chemical exposure assessments easier and quicker for hygienists concerned with the health of employees. The VAPex is designed with a robust screen on top and great backpressure capability meaning multiple tubes can be tested at the same time, providing a pain-free monitoring solution.”

Casella’s VAPex is available from May 2019. Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational health and environmental risks and supporting businesses with their monitoring and analysis needs.

For more information about  Casella’s advanced Vapex visit, or follow @CasellaHQ on Twitter or @Casella on LinkedIn.

Casella prioritises occupational health with its latest monitoring solutions at The Health & Safety Event

Casella, one of the UK’s leading providers of occupational hygiene and environmental monitoring solutions, showcases its comprehensive range of personal and environment monitoring solutions on stand K40 at The Health & Safety Event, NEC Birmingham, 9– 11th April 2019.

Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational health and environmental risk through its hand-held devices for walkthrough surveys and bodily worn solutions for precise personal sampling. At the event, Casella will be exhibiting its new software solution for the first time, NoiseSafe, which can be used in conjunction with its personal noise monitoring dosimeter, the ever popular dBadge2.

NoiseSafe software saves the user time with its instantaneous reporting on an employee’s noise exposure levels. The software downloads a typical eight-hour workplace recording in just a few seconds, and easy analysis of the results allows for compliance to legislation. NoiseSafe software is free and available with each Casella noise dosimeter purchase, available from April 2019.

On the stand this year, Casella will showcasing its full range of occupational instruments, including entry and more advanced sound level meters with environmental noise parameters. Casella will demonstrate a number of its real-time hand-held solutions, including its range of Sound Level Meters and the Microdust Pro, ideal for walkthrough surveys to identify problem areas. Used for short-term measurement, these rugged instruments are ergonomically designed and user friendly to provide quick, accurate and instant data.

Casella will also be exhibiting its range of personal monitoring solutions, including the Apex2 personal air sampling pump monitor designed to monitor for harmful exposure dust, fumes and gases. The Apex2 is intrinsically safe, has outstanding back pressure capability and the power to handle any personal monitoring regime.

Casella’s hand arm vibration meter, the HAVex, specifically designed for Hand Arm Vibration Exposure Measurements will also be on stand for visitors to view. The HAVex is an easy to use meter that measures the levels of vibration transmitted to the hand from power tools, vehicles, machine controls and other vibration sources.

Jim Struthers, Sales Manager at Casella said, “We are excited to continue our support for the exhibition this year, particularly with the launch of our new NoiseSafe software. The new software is designed to make noise assessments easier for managers concerned with the health of their employees. We invite visitors at the Health & Safety Event to join us on stand K40 to learn more about how NoiseSafe can support noise exposure assessment.”

For the latest news and updates on its products, visit stand K40 at The Health & Safety Event, NEC Birmingham or visit or follow @CasellaHQ on Twitter or @Casella on LinkedIn.

Telephone: 01234 844100


Email: [email protected]

Reliable and Instant Noise Exposure Reporting: Casella announces the Launch of the New NoiseSafe Software

Take action to protect employees from hearing damage with Casella’s NoiseSafe

Casella, air sampling, noise and vibration specialist, has launched an advanced and reliable software package for its personal dosimeter (the dBadge2), NoiseSafe. When used alongside Casella’s dBadge2, it is the ideal tool for fast and efficient reporting and analysis of noise exposure levels.

In the UK, over one million employees are exposed to levels of noise at work, which puts them at risk of noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). In fact, last year 23,000 workers in the UK reported work-related hearing problems, with workers in the manufacturing, food and construction sectors most at risk due to noisy working conditions.

Casella’s NoiseSafe software saves the user time with its instantaneous reporting on an employee’s noise exposure levels. Linked to the dBadge2, the software downloads a typical eight-hour workplace recording in just a few seconds. Audio and motion can be analysed to determine if any of the data is erroneous, which can be quickly and easily removed from exposure data, giving confidence in the results.

Tim Turney, Technical Product Manager at Casella explains, “The new software is designed to make noise assessments easier for managers concerned with the health of their employees. The graphs and data produced can easily be customised depending on the user’s requirements, making reporting pain-free and quick.”

Casella’s NoiseSafe software is available with any purchase of the dBadge2 from April 2019. Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational health and environmental risks and supporting businesses with their monitoring and analysis needs. For more information about Casella’s advanced NoiseSafe software visit, or follow @CasellaHQ on Twitter or @Casella on LinkedIn.

Casella, leading provider of noise and air sampling monitoring at Health & Safety North, Manchester 9-10 October 2018

Casella, leading provider of noise and air sampling monitoring, showcases comprehensive range of monitoring solutions for both individuals and the environment at Health & Safety North, Manchester 9-10 October 2018. On display at stand G60 will include the Apex2 personal sampling pump range, the dBadge2 personal noise dosimeter and many more.

Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational health and environmental impact risks through its hand-held devices for walk-through surveys and bodily worn solutions for precise personal sampling.

The Apex2 is a range of Intrinsically Safe (IECEx) bodily worn pumps used to sample for airborne contaminants, designed specifically for use in potentially explosive areas in the oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and mining industry. The Apex2 is compatible with Casella’s Airwave App, available for download on both Android and iOS devices. The Airwave App enables users to remotely
start, pause or stop a measurement run, monitor battery life and memory capacity and check measurement progress direct from a mobile device, minimising disruption to the worker.

Flow Detective™
The Flow Detective™ is an electronic flow meter calibrator, designed to measure the flow of air sampling pumps to within 2% accuracy. Additionally, the Flow Detective™ is the first calibrator on the market with the ability to measure pulsation, indicating if the air flow pulsation exceeds 10%. Air sampling pumps must have a pulsation level less than 10% if they are to adhere to ISO 13137.

The Flow Detective can be used with any manufacturers’ air sampling pumps, though, when used with Casella’s Apex2 personal dust sampling pump, the Apex2 and Flow Detective can be connected via the Airwave App allowing for closed loop airflow calibration with the ability to remotely set the flow via Airwave.


Exposure to high noise levels can cause permanent, irreversible hearing damage, however, there are a number of practical ways of preventing and protecting workers against the risks at work. The dBadge2 is the next generation in personal noise dosimeters, ideal for a variety of workplace noise assessments. Intrinsically Safe versions of the dBadge2 are available, making it the perfect tool for personal noise assessment for any industry or environment. The dBadge2 is also compatible with the Airwave App, allowing for remote access making monitoring and easier collection of data. 

For more information, click here. Follow Casella on Twitter @CasellaUK, LinkedIn or on Facebook.

Cirrus Research offer​s FREE Noise at Work Assessment as part of wider hearing protection campaign

Noise monitoring experts Cirrus Research have launched a free Noise at Work assessment to help companies provide a risk-free environment to protect their workers’ hearing.

The first of its kind, the comprehensive assessment is available UK-wide and follows a four-stage process that enables companies to identify, target and eliminate noise risks in the workplace.

The new assessment includes:

  1. Initial site assessment – including a tour of your premises with you to identify potential noise risks in your workplace.
  2. A review of existing methods – to look at any existing control methods in place and analyse their efficacy.
  3. Test measurements – using Cirrus’ industry-leading noise measurement equipment to take sample readings.
  4. Expert recommendations –  offering the best solutions to move forward, from instrumentation and training to full analytical services.

“We believe in protecting people from hearing loss and other health conditions associated with excessive noise exposure,” said Group Marketing Manager, Tom Shelton. “The new noise assessment is part of our wider UK campaign ‘Noise Changes Lives’ that highlights the risks and impact that hearing loss can have on individuals.

“Every workplace is different, and our team of experts each have decades of noise monitoring experience to be able to quickly assess those potential noise hot spots, collate any evidence and then make recommendations based on a proven process.”

To book a free noise assessment email: [email protected]

Follow Cirrus Research on Twitter @cirrusresearch to keep up-to-date or visit www.cirrusresearch.comto find out more information.

About Cirrus Research plc
Founded in 1970, Cirrus Research plc is a leading specialist in the development and production of noise measurement instruments. Its latest scientific and technological developments are utilised to produce noise measurement instrumentation equipment to accurately measure noise and its impact.

As an industry leader, all its products are manufactured in the UK and are used in a wide range of different applications within the construction, transport, aviation, manufacturing, and the leisure and sport sectors.

Cirrus is part of the British Safety Industry Federation’s Registered Safety Supplier Scheme, identifying its organisation and products as ‘genuine and safe’, assuring customers that the products supplied are genuine, properly tested and certified. Cirrus Research is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Registered Company.

Cirrus doseBadge® offers even greater value for money with new pricing

Protecting your workers from occupational noise just got easier and cheaper thanks to a new deal being offered on the Cirrus Research doseBadge.

Cirrus Research has been protecting workers’ hearing for nearly 50 years but it helped to revolutionise the sector 20 years ago when it introduced the first wireless personal noise dosimeter badge to the UK market. Not only did its first doseBadge make the process of monitoring workers’ exposure to noise far simpler, it made it much more cost-effective at the same time.

The doseBadge still is the only noise dosimeter without buttons or a display, meaning that its readings are more accurate than other instruments as the data recorded can’t be tampered with. Comprising of a single compact unit, the doseBadge weighs in at a mere 0.051 kg (1.8oz) and is made from robust materials, making it the perfect instrument to measure the personal noise exposure of workers and employees across all industries, in all types of locations.

As with any technology, the doseBadge has evolved over the past two decades with seven versions making up the current range to suit a variety of needs and budgets. The doseBadge 4, in particular, has withstood the test of time and continues to offer a durable no-nonsense solution. The overall package has now been enhanced by Cirrus Research with an attractive 30% price reduction, so even more customers can afford to invest in the noise monitoring technology they need to protect their workers from noise-induced hearing loss and other noise-related health conditions. The full range can be seen at:

Cirrus Research Group Marketing Manager Tom Shelton said: “Whether you’re a Health and Safety Officer who needs to measure the noise exposure of workers in a factory to ensure you’re compliant, or you work in the entertainment industry and need to know what PPE to provide your stage crew with, the Cirrus doseBadge is a versatile and robust piece of equipment that’s capable of delivering the information you need in a simple but effective way. With our new pricings for the doseBadge 4, the solution to monitoring occupational noise is now within financial reach of so many sectors and SMEs.”

Why Choose this doseBadge?:
  • Simple yet durable design means your investment is an easy-to-operate long-term solution to your noise measuring needs
  • Easy to expand kit with the option of adding multiple doseBadges, enabling you to measure several employees’ exposure to noise, providing you with a wider range of data for more accurate results
  • No controls or displays, making the device tamperproof
  • Integrated internal microphone, meaning the most important component is always protected against damage
  • Comes with licence-free NoiseTools software that can create reports for you based on your data
  • 5-way charging dock available so you can make sure all your devices are always ready to deploy
  • Industry-specific attachments are available including shoulder clips, hard hat attachments, and pin attachments

Follow Cirrus Research on Twitter @cirrusresearch to keep up-to-date or visit to find out more information.

Cassella Solutions

Beyond Expectations: Bam Ritchies and Cassella

The collective movement for solving issues surrounding work related ill health continues to gain momentum, highlighted in the HSE Help GB Work Well Scheme calling for “greater awareness of the harm, costs and preventability of the issue” which should “drive collective action to improve health outcomes”. In an effort to raise awareness of dangerous substances in the workplace, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OHSA) has recently launched a ‘Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign’ to promote a culture of risk prevention. The campaign is intended to heighten awareness of risks linked to exposure, targeting workers with specific needs.

Each year, there are 12,000 lung disease deaths estimated to be linked to previous exposures at work. A 2017 HSE report highlighted 18,000 annual incidences of self-reported work-related breathing or lung problems in the previous 3-year period up from the 10,000 per year actually estimated. Although Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics show that work related deafness incidents have generally gone down since 2008, 20,000 people a year still suffer with work-related hearing problems.


BAM Ritchies prides itself on being one of the first geotechnical contactors to carry out extensive hygiene monitoring of its workplaces. The company is a division of BAM Nuttall, a £60 million business with 400 employees throughout the UK providing ground engineering services for government, local authority, utilities and public/private companies.

Mark Sherwood has been an occupational hygienist at the company for 3 years, responsible for dust, noise fumes and vibration monitoring nationally for BAM Ritchies as well as supporting BAM Nuttall. A typical day includes a range of dust assessments, from wood, welding fumes, quarry dust, and respirable crystalline silica. He undertakes personal exposure monitoring across the workforce to control exposure levels and where necessary, provides recommendations with preventative health measures to control any hazards from dust, noise and vibration. Options such as elimination, substitution and engineering controls are explored, or PPE/RPE is recommended from the accurate exposure measurements.

When Mark first started as an occupational hygienist, the workers were curious, asking questions about the equipment, and the reason for it being used. Individuals were interested to learn the results from the monitoring equipment and what the data meant. To ensure Mark was able to establish accurate measurements for dust, noise and vibration exposure, working closely with regulatory limits, he used Casella’s equipment, and still does today.

To adhere to compliance with EH40 2005 workplace exposure limits (WELS) Mark uses 8 Casella lightweight, rugged bodily worn Apex2 personal air sampling pumps to monitor contaminants that may pose a health risk, including hazardous dusts like silica in quarrying or fumes during welding or dust created during evacuation. Noise exposure is measured with the 620 Sound Level Meter and a Noise kit which includes 6 dBadge2 dosimeters for noise at work applications, recording the audio of noisy operations, storing noise dose and performing octave band analysis, as well as general environmental measurement. This ensures regulatory compliance and encourages improvement initiatives to protect worker hearing. This thorough method ensures exposure levels are assessed with the wireless capability via Casella’s Airwave app meaning monitoring does not need to disturb worker operations and data can be transmitted for assessment and alerting purposes direct to inboxes of nominated personnel.


BAM Ritchies prioritises protecting their people. Mark had previously used Casella’s HAVex meter to measure the vibration levels of the tools employers were using to ensure they weren’t over exposed to hand arm vibration during their daily routine. However, a proactive initiative by senior management has since removed vibration tools and the need for monitoring. In the event of there being no alternative method, a request to use a vibration tool requires a Permit to Work system authorised by the appropriate/nominated person.

There are instances where Casella’s noise and dust monitoring equipment has resulted in positive changes across sites around the country. This has included an additional dust extraction system at a material testing laboratory in Scotland to further eliminate risk of substance exposure. Results from noise monitoring at quarries fortified the introduction of filter 3 hearing protection to ensure workers have the upmost protection, as a precautionary method rather than an essential one. Other sites have also decided to upgrade RPE with the same sentiment of protecting workers as much as possible with the current and future exposure levels being carefully considered.

Through Casella’s equipment, Mark is also able combat one of his biggest issues – time. He praises the equipment for providing information that a hygienist is able to interpret and feedback to management in a summary/reporting format. “My work involves me travelling around the country to ensure I meet as many employees as possible and that their working environment does not impact their long-term health. Casella’s equipment enables me to work quickly and efficiently, with the confidence that all appropriate data is being accurately captured.”

The very nature of how Mark’s role is perceived by staff has also completely shifted. Now, individuals instantly understand the value behind what Mark is doing, knowing how the equipment works and the role it plays in protecting them from potential hazards. “I make it a priority to understand different working patterns and movements in a working day so that my role can slot neatly into this. Workers appreciate this as it’s clear their time and tasks are being valued”.

Bam Ritchies prides itself on being a company that achieves extraordinary things, pushing boundaries and providing ground engineering solutions that bring engineering to life. Without a healthy workforce this vision cannot be realised. “Casella site monitoring equipment is a crucial part of my everyday kit that I carry everywhere, without fail” said Mark. The company is an industry leader for its effort to monitor and protect its workforce, and this process has now come full circle, with the workers completely in tune with the benefits and process, collectively working towards a healthy working environment.

About Casella

Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational health and environmental impact risks through effective monitoring solutions. Casella prides itself on providing precision instrumentation since 1799, supplying eminent figures including David Livingstone and Charles Darwin with instrumentation for their exploration and scientific work.

Casella has changed significantly over these 200 plus years but remains perfectly placed to offer reliable, trust worthy and credible solutions for Occupational and Environmental monitoring of noise and dust, with over 40 years of innovation in noise and 60 years in dust measurement.

Casella’s aim is to enhance the long-term health and quality of life for workers in high risk occupational sectors and to monitor the impact on the environment through innovative technology, easy to use products and expertise that can be trusted.

Offices in China, India, Australia and the USA, as well as a host of global distributors, provide both service and support to those searching out solutions for risk reductions.,59292239

Cassella Solutions Noise And Vibration Guardian2

Casella announces new solar panel option with Guardian2

Casella demonstrates its commitment to reducing environmental risks with the new solar panel and battery power options available with the Guardian2 – the small form factor, multi-agent total environmental monitoring system.

The Guardian2 makes capturing construction dust and noise data easier than ever before. It allows simultaneous monitoring and reporting of noise, dust and vibration levels, as well as wind speed and direction for measurement of site emission and environmental pollution levels. The latest solar panel and battery power options mean it is now suitable for monitoring on construction and demolition sites where no hardwired power is available.

Through the web-based Casella 24/7 interface, the Guardian2 solution allows users to undertake PM10 monitoring and create automated reports/alerts in real-time direct to multiple users PC or mobile devices. The Guardian2 ensures data integrity, wherever in the world the system is located. The system is easy to install and once connected, all sensors within the Guardian2 are activated and data is automatically transmitted. The comprehensive reports assist in planning controls for noise and dust on construction sites, to improving environmental performance and helping reduce downtime from exceeding permitted limits.

This small, lightweight solution is easy to transport and handle so its plug and play installation is simple and cost effective. The bespoke mHUB combines data-logging and telemetry capabilities, maximising data integrity and availability. In the event of a communication drop out, the mHUB eliminates the potential for data loss as it is continually storing data for later transmission.

Tim Turney, Product Manager at Casella said “The Guardian2 data can be securely analysed at any time from any location and we are delighted that, with the solar panel and battery power options, more construction and demolition sites will be assessed, helping to control noise, dust and vibration levels, so helping users with local government compliance requirements.”

Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational health and environmental risks, and supporting businesses solve their monitoring and analysis needs. For more information about the Casella Guardian2 visit,

About Casella

Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational health and environmental risks through a core competence in dust, noise and vibration monitoring.  The company has provided precision instrumentation since 1799 and supplied eminent figures including Charles Darwin with instrumentation for exploration and scientific work. Casellas core purpose is to create technology aimed at improving the working environment of employees whilst providing robust data and equipment platforms to enable organisations to remain compliant with health and safety regulations.  The company is expert in the integration of sensor technology and data management systems that further improve productivity and overall safety in the workplace. Casella is a global business with offices in the UK, US, Australia, China and India, supported by a network of distributors providing local service and support to those searching out solutions for risk reductions.