UK accident prevention charity RoSPA deploys SPOT Gen3 satellite trackers to safeguard consultants

Dublin, Ireland, October 15, 2019 – Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar Inc. (NYSE American: GSAT) and the leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies, today announced that UK charity the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has gone live with SPOT Gen3 satellite communications devicesto safeguard its team of consultants as they work on projects around the world.

With a growing number of organisations relying on RoSPA’s expertise to prevent accidents and save lives, RoSPA’s team of consultants travel around the world working on improving occupational health and safety, water safety, road safety and other public safety issues. Because these projects take consultants to a diverse range of countries and, even in the UK, can include working in remote or secluded locations, RoSPA has equipped each member of the team with a SPOT Gen3 device to track their location and provide help in an emergency using its one-touch SOS button. 

For several years, the SPOT Gen3 has been increasingly adopted by enterprises and non-commercial organisations to safeguard personnel working in remote or dangerous locations where other communications options are unreliable or non-existent. 

By using satellite communications, SPOT enables users to stay connected with emergency services, colleagues, friends and family even when beyond the reach of mobile networks. SPOT Gen3 features SMS and GPS tracking and an SOS button that instantly sends the user’s GPS location to the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Centre (IERCC) over Globalstar’s satellite network. The IERCC then works with local first responders to rapidly dispatch help to the user’s precise location.

“As we advise organisations about how to keep their personnel and the general public safe, we keep a close watch on technology innovations that reduce the risks for our staff who carry out their roles in remote or other high-risk environments. SPOT Gen3‘s universal reach and ease of use made this the right solution to boost the safety of our teams wherever they might be,” said Nathan Davies, Head of Consultancy at RoSPA.

“RoSPA does not just talk the talk, it takes its own staff welfare seriously. Whether consultants are in remote parts of the UK with no phone signal or at a petroleum plant thousands of miles away, SPOT provides users as well as colleagues, friends and family, with peace of mind and confidence that they can get help in an emergency,” said Gary King, Regional Sales Manager, Globalstar.

About RoSPA

RoSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) is a registered charity that has been at the heart of accident prevention in the UK and around the world for more than 100 years. Its vision is for life, free from serious accidental injury and it works towards this by exchanging life-enhancing skills and knowledge in the areas of occupational health and safety and public safety on the road, at home, during leisure and in education. Its varied activities include campaigning, carrying out research, influencing legislation, informing and educating, auditing and providing expert training and consultancy to businesses. The society’s patron is Her Majesty the Queen.

About SPOT
SPOT LLC, a subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc., provides affordable satellite communication and tracking devices for recreational and business use. SPOT messaging devices use both the GPS satellite network and the Globalstar network to transmit text messages and GPS coordinates. Since 2007, SPOT has provided peace of mind by allowing customers to remain in contact completely independent of mobile coverage, having initiated over 6,600 rescue callouts worldwide. 

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Safety and Health Expo returns as key event for SoloProtect

SoloProtect, the international lone worker company, is returning to The Safety and Health Expo taking place at ExCeL.

SoloProtect, the international lone worker company, is returning to The Safety and Health Expo taking place at ExCeL. Once again, the event promises to attract thousands of visitors, including Health and Safety professionals, Security specifiers and Facilities Management personnel to London for three days, from June 18 – 20. Register to attend the event here.

SoloProtect are located on Stand SH3890 and will be on hand to showcase a variety of personal safety device options to visitors and customers alike, as well as discussing the merits of their BS 8484 and EN 50518 accredited lone worker solution. The company is also co-located on stand with leading personal safety charity, Suzy Lamplugh Trust – who will be on hand to promote their range of training and consultancy services.

A year on from announcing plans to deliver its first Body Worn Video enabled, personal safety device, the SoloProtect ID Pro – the company is now in the final stages of product development with the device expected to be available for deployment by early of Quarter 3, 2019.

Craig Swallow, SoloProtect UK Managing Director, commented, “The complexity of the ID Pro device has led to us extending the development time on the product – we did this to ensure we deliver a high specification personal safety device that has been meticulously tested. We also set a clear objective that we’d strive to ensure all policy, privacy considerations and legal use cases for a video product, were thoroughly defined. This will benefit a client with a much simpler onboarding process when deploying a video enabled, lone worker solution – and we believe our customers will be delighted with the end result”.

Aside from the ID Pro, SoloProtect also supply a range of device form-factor options to suit a diverse number of worker applications. With solutions comprising an ID badge, fob, watch or mobile application – the company can deliver a mix of functionality to equip workers to dynamically assess, and reduce risk, effectively.

SoloProtect staff members at the Safety and Health Expo will also be on hand to demonstrate device functionality, as well as showcasing the company’s customer portal, SoloProtect InsightsInsights remains a key area of ongoing development for SoloProtect, with further releases scheduled across the year, further improving a user’s customer experience. The portal also harnesses the full capability of the ID Pro, adding depth to Bluetooth Beacon management, Risk Messaging options as well as a host of other metrics, helping to deliver tangible return on investment for a deploying organisation.

Craig Swallow added, “The Safety and Health Expo remains a key part of our yearly exhibition plans – it’s a great show to catch up with some of our UK-based customers and its international pull also fits well given that we now deploy solutions directly to market in a growing number of European countries, as well as the US.

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Peoplesafe Unveil The World’s Smallest Personal Safety Alarm – ‘MICROSOS’ At Safety And Health Expo 2018

Peoplesafe have unveiled the World’s smallest and lightest personal safety device – MicroSOS, at this year’s Safety and Health Expo, held at London’s Excel between 19th to 21st June 2018.

Exclusively developed by Peoplesafe, the MicroSOS includes the latest A-GPS, GSM and Man-down technologies, in a design the size of a USB stick. The device is also fully dust and waterproof to IP67 rating, making it ideal for outdoor environments. Fully certified to BS 8484:2016, the British Standard for Lone Worker Services, the compact MicroSOS weighs just 27 grams.

The MicroSOS is an evolution of the Peoplesafe’s popular MicroGuard device, but even more discreet and flexible to use with a range of bespoke accessories including a holster, ID badge holder and magnetic docking station.

At the touch of a button, MicroSOS connects to Peoplesafe’s 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre certified to the highest industry standards, including BS 8484, BS 5979 (CAT II), ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Secured by Design.

Marketing Director, Will Murray said, “We are really excited to unveil the revolutionary MicroSOS, at this year’s Safety and Health Expo.

“It’s predecessor – the MicroGuard has been proven in use, delivering effective help to thousands of vulnerable people, whilst being convenient to carry and easy to use. The MicroSOS incorporates more features and cutting-edge technology, packed into an even smaller and simpler design.

“The MicroSOS is the pinnacle of years of industry experience and product development, representing the next generation of personal safety alarms.”

Peoplesafe is part of the World’s largest lone worker protection provider – the Send For Help Group, which includes subsidiaries Skyguard and Guardian24.

Peoplesafe demonstrated the MicroSOS on their exhibition stand in the Lone Worker Arena, alongside sister company Skyguard. Whilst Guardian24  exhibited in the co-located show IFSEC.

In addition to exhibiting, both Peoplesafe and Skyguard will be hosted educational seminars explaining best practice when visiting clients; at the Lone Worker Theatre and in the International Firex Show, which were very well received.

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lone worker device

SoloProtect to launch ground-breaking new lone worker device, with Body Worn Video:

The international lone worker safety company, SoloProtect, is launching a key addition to its product range with the SoloProtect ID Pro, a highly innovative new product in the lone worker device space. The ID Pro will offer the most comprehensive platform for lone worker security, including giving users the option of streaming video for faster verification during a live ‘Red Alert’, receipt of geographically-triggered risk messaging, and indoor location capability powered by Bluetooth and Wifi. SoloProtect will be co-announcing at two events later this month – The Safety & Health Expo and IFSEC International, both of which take place at ExCeL, London, on 19 – 21 June.

Announcing the ID Pro caps a hugely exciting year for SoloProtect so far, and is hot on the heels of product announcements for both SoloProtect Go and SoloProtect Watch made earlier in 2018. The company’s recent launch activity reflects that many employers have wide-ranging lone worker applications and diverse needs with regards to staff protection and business activity. The SoloProtect ID Pro is tailored towards this, but also delivers genuine innovation into the lone worker market – one that has typically addressed lone worker risks with audio-based solutions since the industry’s inception.

While a dedicated lone worker device (LWD) – The ID Pro’s video functionality also makes it a Body Worn Video (BWV) device, but with a greater focus on being ‘fit for purpose’ for civilian applications where streamed video evidence and discretion are a requirement. It is the smallest and lightest BWV device with cellular capability on the market, designed as an ID badge holder, is easy to integrate into apparel, and can be used independently of its video capability as needed.

John Broady, SoloProtect CEO, commented, “Our journey to bring the SoloProtect ID Pro to market is a hugely important step for our business, and has very much been part of a focus to deliver a tangible, high-quality lone worker experience from the start. Both to our current customer base, but also to engender a wider appeal to a greater number of lone worker applications, or industry sub-sets that would benefit from this solution”.

Streaming video and accompanying audio directly into SoloProtect’s Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) during an alarm gives the SoloProtect ID Pro several distinct advantages over traditional BWV:

• ID Pro’s video recording is not ‘always on’ – thus enabling a smaller device footprint, but also making it more accessible, and not cumbersome for a lone worker to integrate into their daily apparel. At 103g, the ID Pro is the lightest streaming BWV device available.

• Video streams live to a SoloProtect Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) during a Red Alert. Giving comprehensive video verification (in combination with event audio) provides an operator the full picture of an event, and better intelligence in scenarios where discernible pitch and tone do not reflect the level of threat or an unreferenced weapon. This will materially speed up response to an incident.

• SoloProtect ID Pro is a low-end privacy impacting BWV product because of its user-defined recording deployment, based primarily on threat within the lone worker’s personal space.

• SoloProtect manages resulting video data for the customer. A client is not faced with the need to overhaul systems or infrastructure in line with storing large amounts of video or having to address issues around redaction and deletion. SoloProtect supplies a client with video relating only to their genuine ‘Red Alert’, and will redact, store, and delete in line with the strict requirements reflected in our privacy policy, laid out in relation to GDPR and Data Protection governance.

The SoloProtect ID Pro announcement is the first global product launch being made by the company in 2018, and is expected to be available across all operating markets by early Q4 2018. SoloProtect delivers solutions to lone workers in over ten different countries, and continues to advocate for greater empowerment of lone workers, better support mechanisms and review for managers, and greater ROI metrics for senior management.

In addition, the SoloProtect ID Pro offers sight of Bluetooth Beacons and is enabled with Wifi sniffing to assist the location of lone workers when indoors, where establishing a precise location can be problematic – particularly across a large site, or in a multi-storey building. An existing or new network of beacons can be managed in SoloProtect Insights and in the event of a ‘Red Alert’, the SoloProtect ARC can request a response based on a location taken from the most recent beacon or network point seen.

Risk Messaging delivered through the ID Pro can also be deployed by a lone worker manager using SoloProtect Insights, both manually and automatically when triggered by location. It can be used to keep staff updated on a situation (a severe weather warning for example), or something more serious (a known Police response incident in a particular area of a city).

The extended functionality within SoloProtect ID Pro also has close ties with additional options set to be rolled out in SoloProtect Insights, the company’s Customer Engagement Portal. New features allowing lone worker managers to create the tailored Risk Message parameters and manage a network of Bluetooth Beacons is coupled alongside additional analytics giving comprehensive, digestible information outlining ROI.

Craig Swallow, SoloProtect Managing Director, “The strategic links between the ID Pro, and SoloProtect Insights gives our customers a great platform for growth – now and in the future. It’s a solid platform for investment, where a client is thinking about how a lone worker solution can give them more over time, and not just what they sign up to on day one. This is important when companies are looking to future-proof any investment made.”

SoloProtect is exhibiting at The Safety and Health Expo Stand T256, and IFSEC International F510, ExCeL, London, 19 – 21 June, 2018.

For more information about The SoloProtect ID Pro, please visit

Contact 0114 399 6000 or for more information.

SoloProtect Watch

SoloProtect Watch – the lone worker wearable

The International Lone Worker Safety Leader Expands Its Range to Benefit More Clients

SoloProtect continues to lead in providing lone worker safety solutions by announcing the SoloProtect Watch on March 6, combining convenience, style, and true safety management in the form of a wearable. See our solutions page here.

The SoloProtect Watch incorporates market-trusted and discreet lone worker safety functionality into a user-friendly, smart-watch-style design. With features like Geolocation, two-way audio communication, and incapacitation detection, the Watch is an exciting addition for lone worker safety and joins the SoloProtect ID and SoloProtect Go devices in SoloProtect’s ever increasing catalogue of dedicated and discreet lone worker devices.

As a wearable, the SoloProtect Watch addresses a worker’s need for greater versatility, allowing the user to wear the device conveniently and securely on their wrist. For the diverse workforce, the icon-based user interface ensures the device is easy to navigate with clear and simple imagery that inform the user of the device functions. And as an added feature, the device also uses a pedometer to track steps and heart rate for those that are health-conscious.

An added benefit of the SoloProtect Watch is its ease of use, utilising functionality similar to SoloProtect ID and SoloProtect Go. The device has ‘Red Alert’ and ‘Amber Alert’ capabilities, which send out discreet audio calls to SoloProtect’s EN 50518 Alarm Receiving Centre and provide situational background information, as part of a user’s dynamic risk assessment. Combined with haptic feedback and a discreet design, all these features contribute to the device’s unique effectiveness for those seeking a wearable.

Craig Swallow, SoloProtect UK Managing Director, commented:

“We are delighted to announce the addition of the SoloProtect Watch to our range of discreet and fit for purpose lone worker products. We firmly believe wearable technology has now become part of everyday life for many users, and expanding its use into lone worker safety is the next logical step. The SoloProtect Watch, backed by our market leading Alarm Receiving Centre and SoloProtect Insights, our customer engagement portal, has the potential to help employers increase workplace efficiency and mitigate work related risk to both users and the business as a whole.”

The SoloProtect Watch will be available from Q2 2018.

the smallest and lightest lone worker device

SoloProtect Go – the smallest and lightest lone worker device

The smallest and lightest lone worker device. Leading lone worker company announces key product diversification, and smart self-service on-boarding option.

International lone worker company, SoloProtect, is announcing several new developments within its product range for 2018, starting with the addition of SoloProtect Go – a fob-style lone worker device, supplied as part of the company’s range of solutions and accredited to BS 8484:2016.

SoloProtect is primarily known for delivering solutions around its identity card device form-factor, Identicom and the SoloProtect ID, of which a combined 260,000 devices have been supplied to lone workers directly, and through a network of authorised partners. With SoloProtect Go, the company is diversifying its offering to cater for a wider set of customer requirements, and to give SoloProtect solutions an even greater appeal.

SoloProtect Go is a compact and easy to use, dedicated lone worker device with discreet, simple operation. It’s also the world’s lightest, and smallest dedicated lone worker device available to organisations implementing BS 8484 approved, staff-protection. SoloProtect Go is supplied with all the usual functionality expected of SoloProtect lone worker devices – including the ‘Device Check’, ‘Amber Alert’ and ‘Red Alert’ functions as standard.

The device is also water resistant to IPX6 rating, and configurable for those lone workers with risk of incapacitation. SoloProtect Go is also enabled with haptic (touch) feedback to discreetly make a device-user aware that their situation is being monitored, and reassure that appropriate action is being taken on their behalf.

SoloProtect Go is supported by the company’s in-house, EN 50518 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which is a 24/7/365 resource and the only dedicated lone worker ARC in the UK to meet this European level standard. Any ‘Red Alert’ monitored by the SoloProtect ARC is assigned a highly-trained, dedicated operator who specialises in handling lone worker alarms. The SoloProtect ARC is authorised to request a Police escalation quicker than a 999 call via Unique Reference Numbers (URN), where appropriate – achieving the best possible response and outcome for a lone worker needing emergency support.

SoloProtect Go is a superb value for investment solution, and is coupled with a smart and efficient set-up process that allows web-based, self-service onboarding. User training and set-up for SoloProtect Go integrates with SoloProtect Insights, launched successfully in December 2017, and gives customers the ability to set-up and manage their solution online, through this fully-responsive, client-engagement tool. This allows SoloProtect to deliver comprehensive lone worker protection, but at a price-point that reflects unprecedented value.

Craig Swallow, SoloProtect UK Managing Director, commented:

“SoloProtect Go perfectly complements our existing product range, and enables us to cater for those lone worker groups that perhaps require a different form-factor, or where the timeline for deployment is challenging, and aided by a process of self-onboarding by the client. It represents the first step of what will prove to be a very exciting, twelve months for SoloProtect.”

It’s planned that SoloProtect Go will be available to customers from Spring 2018 – the product is one of several new product development announcements that will be delivered by the company within the coming year.

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SoloProtect announce ARC availability above 99.999% for 12-month period

SoloProtect has announced Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) performance statistics for the last twelve months. Opened in 2015, The SoloProtect ARC, is a purpose-built, dedicated lone worker resource and supports all lone worker solutions delivered by the company in the U.K.

In the twelve-month period as of November 2017, SoloProtect’s rolling annual availability stood above 99.999%.

The ‘Five Nines’ is the performance benchmark for availability within the Data Centre industry. ARCs and Data Centres differ in structure and build requirements – yet both are judged on availability. As such, SoloProtect set an internal target to achieve the same performance as that of a Tier 4 Data Centre.

ARC demand will tend to fluctuate across the time of day, or certain times of the year when things like worsening weather conditions will become a factor in lone worker device usage. During peak-use in October 2017, the SoloProtect ARC received a signal, every 4 seconds – and over 10,500 signals in a single day *.

Craig Swallow, Managing Director, SoloProtect UK commented:

“We’re delighted to be able to announce this ARC performance data to the market. We appreciate that reliability is extremely important to our customers – particularly when supplying a service that can alter the course of a violent, or accidental-injury situation. It remains a core focus of the business to keep the standard of service we deliver to SoloProtect customers high”.

*Signals indicates all communications sent from a lone worker device, to the ARC – this is not only alarm activations.

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SoloProtect Promoting Safer Drinking for Students

SoloProtect is partnering with student accommodation provider Unite Students to promote

safer nights out during this years’ Fresher’s Week.

Unite provides residential accommodation to around 50,000 students in approximately 140 buildings across the UK, and is the largest, and most established purpose-built student accommodation provider in the UK.

SoloProtect is an organisation that’s passionate about personal safety; they have years of experience in delivering world-class lone worker protection through their dedicated lone worker devices.

SoloProtect ID is a lone worker device that’s designed to be discreet and easy to use. The fully managed lone worker security service affords peace of mind for staff at every level of an organisation, and comprehensive support for lone workers out in the community, at remote locations or whilst carrying out specific jobs or tasks that carry an element of risk.

SoloProtect have been protecting the Unite Students workforce for over 8 years now and are happy to be involved in freshers’ week activity this year throughout the country. By protecting their lone workers, Unite are creating positive and safe environments and demonstrating that they care, not just about their workforce but about their residents too.

As part of this campaign Unite Students has worked with the alcohol phentermine online chat awareness charity, Drinkaware, to produce the content promoting healthy attitude towards safe consumption of alcohol and give practical tips and advice on how to spot signs and deal with alcohol


SoloProtect will be sponsoring bottles of water to university freshers in order to promote safer drinking. Craig Swallow, Managing Director of SoloProtect, commented:

“Unite Students are using their years of experience to offer advice and information on personal safety and safer drinking and we’re extremely happy to be involved, as personal safety is extremely important to us. Like lone working, if you’re a young student, in a new town it’s important to stay vigilant. Don’t wonder off alone, pace yourself, stay alert and be sure to drink plenty of water’.

Unite’s Student Services and Health & Safety teams have worked alongside city teams and experts from Drinkaware to design this year’s Personal Safety campaign, as well as securing sponsorship from SoloProtect to support the activities.

“The aim,” explains Stephanie Camm (H&S Manager, Projects & Comms), “is to reduce the number of student safety related incidents during the settling in period by providing students with practical information and guidance on ways to feel safe and stay safe.”

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NCP Choose SoloProtect

As the UK’s number one car park operator, NCP has more car parks than any other UK company supplying millions of customers with parking solutions.

NCP has approximately 1,000 lone workers nationwide and is focused on ensuring their workforce is fully prepared should anything happen. Many of NCP’s car parks are linked to a 24/7 helpline but to ensure staff can deliver a professional and helpful customer service, NCP has invested in a programme of regular and thorough training for all staff members, and partnered with SoloProtect to deploy a lone worker solution.

Benefits of the SoloProtect Solution:

  • Discreet wearable device
  • BS 8484:2016 approved
  • EN 50518 Compliant ARC (in-house)
  • Complete end-to-end service provider • Designed and manufactured in the UK


Alone, Together

With such a high proportion of lone workers around the country, NCP wanted a product that would help them protect and care for their staff at all times.

Rupert Abercrombie, Head of Operations – North explains, ‘We have a high proportion of lone workers at NCP and they face a variety of risk, therefore, it’s hugely important we have precautions in place to protect our staff. We’re keen to ensure that all NCP lone workers have access to a SoloProtect Ione worker device’

Identicom is the only lone worker device specifically designed as an identity card holder, it’s easy to wear and discreet to use. It contains mobile-phone (GSM) technology and in the event a worker requires assistance the device enables a 24/7 link to a state-of-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). It offers protection to staff who work alone and is designed to fit a range of personnel and lone worker applications; whether primarily facing ‘People Risk’ (arising from social interaction – potential verbal abuse and attack) or an ‘Environmental Risk’ (potential for incapacitation, commonly referred to as a ‘Man Down’ (incapacitation), due to illness or a sudden trip or fall).

NCP chose the SoloProtect Identicom for a number of reasons but its discreet buy phentermine yahoo answers appearance and focus on customer service were big selling points. NCP has been extremely happy with the service offered by SoloProtect as Rupert explains, ‘SoloProtect have been there for us right from the start, through implementation, assisting us with any issues, training and helping us drive usage. The service from the ARC when a genuine “Red Alert” occurs has been excellent.’

The, BS 8484:2016 accredited, SoloProtect Identicom device is supported by an elite, EN 50518 compliant, in-house ARC that uses the latest alarm handling technology to ensure that audio alarms from an alert are presented to our operators quickly and efficiently. Every second counts in a genuine ‘Red Alert’ situation; so, enabling a highly trained operator to listen to, assess, and record, the lone worker alarm as soon as possible is imperative.

By investing in a brand new, purpose built ARC that meets new, more stringent European Standards, SoloProtect take lone worker protection to a whole new level. Both in terms of the quality of our infrastructure and staffing, but also with regards to the level of reporting a SoloProtect customer can tap into.

The SoloProtect Solution is designed to provide unparalleled lone worker protection, Rupert stated:

‘NCP takes the health and wellbeing of its employees very seriously. Iden com is there for our staff in the event of an emergency but it also gives them the peace of mind and confidence to carry out their jobs to the best of their ability when working alone.’

SoloProtect provide Identicom lone worker devices to NCP as part of a SoloProtect Solution. All SoloProtect solutions are BS 8484:2016 approved guaranteeing a police escalation, one level above a 999 call where appropriate. Every SoloProtect solution includes the Identicom, or SoloProtect ID device, inclusive billing, 24/7/365 manned monitoring, SIM card, mobile network usage, device training and monthly reporting.

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Send For Help Director Elected Chairman Of BSIA Lone Worker Section

Will Murray, Marketing Director of leading lone worker protection provider, Send For Help Group, has been elected to Chair the BSIA’s Lone Worker Section.

The appointment means that the Group now occupies an unprecedented three spaces on the Section Committee, with each subsidiary brand receiving representation.

Operations Director, Ricardo Pombo and IMC Operations Manager, Nick Shea will be attending future BSIA meetings on behalf of Peoplesafe and Skyguard respectively. Will Murray will continue to represent Guardian24. Read more