Pure Safety Group introduces Stronghold Quick-Switch System for dropped objects prevention at World of Concrete Show

Product is part of expanded line up of PSG products moving into new global regions

WORLD OF CONCRETE SHOW, LAS VEGAS (Feb. 4, 2020) – Pure Safety Group™ (PSG) is launching the Stronghold® Quick-Switch® Total Tether System for the prevention of dropped objects during work at height. The system is based on Quick-Switch, the only technology that allows workers to switch tools from one connection point to another in one motion to provide a level of safety from dropped objects unmatched in the industry.

The Quick-Switch System keeps tools connected at all times, including when they are transferred or handed off. With Quick-Switch, tools can be carried, managed and used at height while protecting people and property below. The Quick-Switch system gives workers the flexibility to use multiple tools at their work areas and switch tools, all while keeping them connected through a patented combination of keys, links and anchors. Keys allow the use and manipulation of the tools.  Links are the mechanism that allows the switching of locations of tools. Anchors are the points that support the tool in the event of a drop.

The Quick-Switch system eliminates dangling tool tethers and reduces impact force in a drop as well as swing and snag hazards, while allowing hands-free tool switching.

Components of the new Quick-Switch system include:

  • Quick-Switch Starter Pack that includes everything needed to get started with the Quick-Switch system: 4 Quick-Switch Links, 1 Quick-Switch Bungee Tether and 1 Quick-Switch Wrist Cuff
  • Quick-Switch Link and Dock: Links are paired with tools and are the mechanism that makes Quick-Switch the only tethering system in the world that allows movement of tools from one place to another without ever having to be untied. Each link comes with its own dock.
  • Quick-Switch Wrist Cuff
  • Quick-Switch Bungee Tether, for tethering tools to a belt or fixed structure
  • Quick-Switch Retracting Tether for retractable applications
  • Quick-Switch Apron for use over handrails and railings
  • Quick-Switch Rotating Dock: the anchor point for the Quick-Switch system that can be used on pouches and tool pockets
  • Quick-Switch Tethered Tool Bucket and Bolt Bag and Tool Holder to contain anchors

“According to the National Safety Council, every 10 minutes someone is injured because of a dropped tool,” said Matt Moreau, product manager, drops and foreign material exclusion (FME). “Until now, there was no way to transfer tools, hands-free, and maintain 100 percent tie-off.” Moreau notes that the Quick-Switch products meet the latest OSHA and ANSI standards for drops prevention.

The new Quick-Switch system is the first product launch for PSG’s newly branded Stronghold family of dropped objects prevention line. Stronghold is the brand that evolved from Ty-Flot, which was the company PSG acquired in 2018. Stronghold is one of three PSG brands that also include Guardian® Fall Protection and Checkmate®, both fall protection product brands. Products from all three brands are increasingly available throughout the world, as part of PSG’s recent global expansion.

About Pure Safety Group

Pure Safety Group (PSG) is the largest independent dedicated fall protection company in the world, providing high-performance and professional fall protection equipment, tool tethering products, and services such as training, engineering and onsite consultation.  Its more than 350 employees serve customers in the construction, oil and gas, energy, utilities, telecom, mining, and transportation industries. PSG was formed by a team of industry veterans with a family of companies and brands including industry-leading fall protection companies Guardian Fall Protection, Checkmate, and Stronghold by PSG. Houston, Texas, is home to PSG global headquarters and training center with a second training center located in the U.K.  For more information, visit www.puresafetygroup.com.