Cirrus Research offer​s FREE Noise at Work Assessment as part of wider hearing protection campaign

Noise monitoring experts Cirrus Research have launched a free Noise at Work assessment to help companies provide a risk-free environment to protect their workers’ hearing.

The first of its kind, the comprehensive assessment is available UK-wide and follows a four-stage process that enables companies to identify, target and eliminate noise risks in the workplace.

The new assessment includes:

  1. Initial site assessment – including a tour of your premises with you to identify potential noise risks in your workplace.
  2. A review of existing methods – to look at any existing control methods in place and analyse their efficacy.
  3. Test measurements – using Cirrus’ industry-leading noise measurement equipment to take sample readings.
  4. Expert recommendations –  offering the best solutions to move forward, from instrumentation and training to full analytical services.

“We believe in protecting people from hearing loss and other health conditions associated with excessive noise exposure,” said Group Marketing Manager, Tom Shelton. “The new noise assessment is part of our wider UK campaign ‘Noise Changes Lives’ that highlights the risks and impact that hearing loss can have on individuals.

“Every workplace is different, and our team of experts each have decades of noise monitoring experience to be able to quickly assess those potential noise hot spots, collate any evidence and then make recommendations based on a proven process.”

To book a free noise assessment email: [email protected]

Follow Cirrus Research on Twitter @cirrusresearch to keep up-to-date or visit www.cirrusresearch.comto find out more information.

About Cirrus Research plc
Founded in 1970, Cirrus Research plc is a leading specialist in the development and production of noise measurement instruments. Its latest scientific and technological developments are utilised to produce noise measurement instrumentation equipment to accurately measure noise and its impact.

As an industry leader, all its products are manufactured in the UK and are used in a wide range of different applications within the construction, transport, aviation, manufacturing, and the leisure and sport sectors.

Cirrus is part of the British Safety Industry Federation’s Registered Safety Supplier Scheme, identifying its organisation and products as ‘genuine and safe’, assuring customers that the products supplied are genuine, properly tested and certified. Cirrus Research is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Registered Company.

Cirrus doseBadge® offers even greater value for money with new pricing

Protecting your workers from occupational noise just got easier and cheaper thanks to a new deal being offered on the Cirrus Research doseBadge.

Cirrus Research has been protecting workers’ hearing for nearly 50 years but it helped to revolutionise the sector 20 years ago when it introduced the first wireless personal noise dosimeter badge to the UK market. Not only did its first doseBadge make the process of monitoring workers’ exposure to noise far simpler, it made it much more cost-effective at the same time.

The doseBadge still is the only noise dosimeter without buttons or a display, meaning that its readings are more accurate than other instruments as the data recorded can’t be tampered with. Comprising of a single compact unit, the doseBadge weighs in at a mere 0.051 kg (1.8oz) and is made from robust materials, making it the perfect instrument to measure the personal noise exposure of workers and employees across all industries, in all types of locations.

As with any technology, the doseBadge has evolved over the past two decades with seven versions making up the current range to suit a variety of needs and budgets. The doseBadge 4, in particular, has withstood the test of time and continues to offer a durable no-nonsense solution. The overall package has now been enhanced by Cirrus Research with an attractive 30% price reduction, so even more customers can afford to invest in the noise monitoring technology they need to protect their workers from noise-induced hearing loss and other noise-related health conditions. The full range can be seen at:

Cirrus Research Group Marketing Manager Tom Shelton said: “Whether you’re a Health and Safety Officer who needs to measure the noise exposure of workers in a factory to ensure you’re compliant, or you work in the entertainment industry and need to know what PPE to provide your stage crew with, the Cirrus doseBadge is a versatile and robust piece of equipment that’s capable of delivering the information you need in a simple but effective way. With our new pricings for the doseBadge 4, the solution to monitoring occupational noise is now within financial reach of so many sectors and SMEs.”

Why Choose this doseBadge?:
  • Simple yet durable design means your investment is an easy-to-operate long-term solution to your noise measuring needs
  • Easy to expand kit with the option of adding multiple doseBadges, enabling you to measure several employees’ exposure to noise, providing you with a wider range of data for more accurate results
  • No controls or displays, making the device tamperproof
  • Integrated internal microphone, meaning the most important component is always protected against damage
  • Comes with licence-free NoiseTools software that can create reports for you based on your data
  • 5-way charging dock available so you can make sure all your devices are always ready to deploy
  • Industry-specific attachments are available including shoulder clips, hard hat attachments, and pin attachments

Follow Cirrus Research on Twitter @cirrusresearch to keep up-to-date or visit to find out more information.

Hellburg Safety

Hultafors Group Acquires Hellberg Safety, Scandinavia’s Leading PPE Innovator

The Hultafors Group which owns Snickers Workwear, Solid Gear Safety Footwear and Hultafors Tools has acquired Hellberg Safety.

Hellberg Safety is a specialised supplier of PPE Equipment which includes highly advanced hearing protection products, face protection and communication solutions for personal protection.

David Clark, managing director of the Hultafors Group UK says, “We are delighted with this acquisition given that Hellberg PPE products complement the Snickers Workwear and Solid Gear Safety Footwear product portfolios perfectly – in particular the recently extended Snickers Workwear Hi-Vis working clothes range “.

“We will now be able to offer the UK market an even more extensive range of top quality premium brand products, ideally suited to protect the personal wellbeing and safety of the discerning professional tradesman and woman”.

Getting information on the new Hellberg Safety product range is easy – call the Snickers Workwear Helpline on 01484 854788 or checkout the website

Now part of the Hultafors Group, Hellberg Safety has been manufacturing specialist PPE Equipment since 1962. The product range includes highly advanced hearing protection products, face protection and communication solutions for personal protection. In the UK the Hellberg Safety PPE range is part of a portfolio of premium brands that includes Snickers Workwear, Solid Gear Safety Footwear and Hultafors Tools.

lone worker device

SoloProtect to launch ground-breaking new lone worker device, with Body Worn Video:

The international lone worker safety company, SoloProtect, is launching a key addition to its product range with the SoloProtect ID Pro, a highly innovative new product in the lone worker device space. The ID Pro will offer the most comprehensive platform for lone worker security, including giving users the option of streaming video for faster verification during a live ‘Red Alert’, receipt of geographically-triggered risk messaging, and indoor location capability powered by Bluetooth and Wifi. SoloProtect will be co-announcing at two events later this month – The Safety & Health Expo and IFSEC International, both of which take place at ExCeL, London, on 19 – 21 June.

Announcing the ID Pro caps a hugely exciting year for SoloProtect so far, and is hot on the heels of product announcements for both SoloProtect Go and SoloProtect Watch made earlier in 2018. The company’s recent launch activity reflects that many employers have wide-ranging lone worker applications and diverse needs with regards to staff protection and business activity. The SoloProtect ID Pro is tailored towards this, but also delivers genuine innovation into the lone worker market – one that has typically addressed lone worker risks with audio-based solutions since the industry’s inception.

While a dedicated lone worker device (LWD) – The ID Pro’s video functionality also makes it a Body Worn Video (BWV) device, but with a greater focus on being ‘fit for purpose’ for civilian applications where streamed video evidence and discretion are a requirement. It is the smallest and lightest BWV device with cellular capability on the market, designed as an ID badge holder, is easy to integrate into apparel, and can be used independently of its video capability as needed.

John Broady, SoloProtect CEO, commented, “Our journey to bring the SoloProtect ID Pro to market is a hugely important step for our business, and has very much been part of a focus to deliver a tangible, high-quality lone worker experience from the start. Both to our current customer base, but also to engender a wider appeal to a greater number of lone worker applications, or industry sub-sets that would benefit from this solution”.

Streaming video and accompanying audio directly into SoloProtect’s Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) during an alarm gives the SoloProtect ID Pro several distinct advantages over traditional BWV:

• ID Pro’s video recording is not ‘always on’ – thus enabling a smaller device footprint, but also making it more accessible, and not cumbersome for a lone worker to integrate into their daily apparel. At 103g, the ID Pro is the lightest streaming BWV device available.

• Video streams live to a SoloProtect Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) during a Red Alert. Giving comprehensive video verification (in combination with event audio) provides an operator the full picture of an event, and better intelligence in scenarios where discernible pitch and tone do not reflect the level of threat or an unreferenced weapon. This will materially speed up response to an incident.

• SoloProtect ID Pro is a low-end privacy impacting BWV product because of its user-defined recording deployment, based primarily on threat within the lone worker’s personal space.

• SoloProtect manages resulting video data for the customer. A client is not faced with the need to overhaul systems or infrastructure in line with storing large amounts of video or having to address issues around redaction and deletion. SoloProtect supplies a client with video relating only to their genuine ‘Red Alert’, and will redact, store, and delete in line with the strict requirements reflected in our privacy policy, laid out in relation to GDPR and Data Protection governance.

The SoloProtect ID Pro announcement is the first global product launch being made by the company in 2018, and is expected to be available across all operating markets by early Q4 2018. SoloProtect delivers solutions to lone workers in over ten different countries, and continues to advocate for greater empowerment of lone workers, better support mechanisms and review for managers, and greater ROI metrics for senior management.

In addition, the SoloProtect ID Pro offers sight of Bluetooth Beacons and is enabled with Wifi sniffing to assist the location of lone workers when indoors, where establishing a precise location can be problematic – particularly across a large site, or in a multi-storey building. An existing or new network of beacons can be managed in SoloProtect Insights and in the event of a ‘Red Alert’, the SoloProtect ARC can request a response based on a location taken from the most recent beacon or network point seen.

Risk Messaging delivered through the ID Pro can also be deployed by a lone worker manager using SoloProtect Insights, both manually and automatically when triggered by location. It can be used to keep staff updated on a situation (a severe weather warning for example), or something more serious (a known Police response incident in a particular area of a city).

The extended functionality within SoloProtect ID Pro also has close ties with additional options set to be rolled out in SoloProtect Insights, the company’s Customer Engagement Portal. New features allowing lone worker managers to create the tailored Risk Message parameters and manage a network of Bluetooth Beacons is coupled alongside additional analytics giving comprehensive, digestible information outlining ROI.

Craig Swallow, SoloProtect Managing Director, “The strategic links between the ID Pro, and SoloProtect Insights gives our customers a great platform for growth – now and in the future. It’s a solid platform for investment, where a client is thinking about how a lone worker solution can give them more over time, and not just what they sign up to on day one. This is important when companies are looking to future-proof any investment made.”

SoloProtect is exhibiting at The Safety and Health Expo Stand T256, and IFSEC International F510, ExCeL, London, 19 – 21 June, 2018.

For more information about The SoloProtect ID Pro, please visit

Contact 0114 399 6000 or [email protected] for more information.

SoloProtect Watch

SoloProtect Watch – the lone worker wearable

The International Lone Worker Safety Leader Expands Its Range to Benefit More Clients

SoloProtect continues to lead in providing lone worker safety solutions by announcing the SoloProtect Watch on March 6, combining convenience, style, and true safety management in the form of a wearable. See our solutions page here.

The SoloProtect Watch incorporates market-trusted and discreet lone worker safety functionality into a user-friendly, smart-watch-style design. With features like Geolocation, two-way audio communication, and incapacitation detection, the Watch is an exciting addition for lone worker safety and joins the SoloProtect ID and SoloProtect Go devices in SoloProtect’s ever increasing catalogue of dedicated and discreet lone worker devices.

As a wearable, the SoloProtect Watch addresses a worker’s need for greater versatility, allowing the user to wear the device conveniently and securely on their wrist. For the diverse workforce, the icon-based user interface ensures the device is easy to navigate with clear and simple imagery that inform the user of the device functions. And as an added feature, the device also uses a pedometer to track steps and heart rate for those that are health-conscious.

An added benefit of the SoloProtect Watch is its ease of use, utilising functionality similar to SoloProtect ID and SoloProtect Go. The device has ‘Red Alert’ and ‘Amber Alert’ capabilities, which send out discreet audio calls to SoloProtect’s EN 50518 Alarm Receiving Centre and provide situational background information, as part of a user’s dynamic risk assessment. Combined with haptic feedback and a discreet design, all these features contribute to the device’s unique effectiveness for those seeking a wearable.

Craig Swallow, SoloProtect UK Managing Director, commented:

“We are delighted to announce the addition of the SoloProtect Watch to our range of discreet and fit for purpose lone worker products. We firmly believe wearable technology has now become part of everyday life for many users, and expanding its use into lone worker safety is the next logical step. The SoloProtect Watch, backed by our market leading Alarm Receiving Centre and SoloProtect Insights, our customer engagement portal, has the potential to help employers increase workplace efficiency and mitigate work related risk to both users and the business as a whole.”

The SoloProtect Watch will be available from Q2 2018.

Alpha Solway Launches Award-Winning Enha Head Protection Range Into UK and Ireland

Europe’s multi award-winning range of safety helmets by ENHA are now available in the UK and Ireland thanks to worker safety specialist Alpha Solway, part of Globus Group.

A well established and respected innovator in head protection across mainland Europe with a reputation for quality and performance, ENHA’s extensive range of safety helmets has been designed to provide protection for workers across multiple sectors including construction, utilities, manufacturing, engineering, metal working and forestry.

The new innovative range of hard hats provides safety managers with a fresh opportunity to reinvigorate the head protection provided to workers. Designed and manufactured in ENHA’s German facilities, using cutting edge technology and production techniques, all ENHA helmets conform to EN 397 having been tested under different temperatures between +50°C and -30°C.

Innovative Head Protection Solutions

Products available include the state of the art, Ranger safety helmet, featuring a patented, double walled impact absorption system – Crashbox. Proven to transmit significantly less energy to the suspension harness in the event of an impact from above, Crashbox absorbs the impact energy, not the user. As a result, Ranger helmets have revolutionised head protection across Europe.

The Ranger is joined by the specialist E-MAN range of safety helmets. These also include the Crashboximpact absorption protection system and are designed specifically for electricians and electrical engineers operating in workplaces where the hazard of an electrical arc flash extends up to 7000A.

Wider solutions include the Rockman series of safety helmets, offering a range of features including excellent energy absorption impact rates, increased neck protection, self-releasing chin straps, high level comfort and a matt finish to the top of the helmet to prevent the appearance of scuff marks when not in use.

There is also a range of specialist Rockman solutions available for those working in engineering and metal working environments where risks include excessive heat, light and molten metal.  This is joined by a range specifically designed for forestry workers which includes sets that combine head, eye, face and hearing protection.

All of the helmets across the ENHA range are manufactured using premium ultraviolet (UV)-stabilised granulate, minimising any impact on performance that heat, cold and sunlight can have on traditional helmets.

For added user convenience and safety, many of the helmets in the ENHA range are available with a ratchet system that allows wearers to easily adjust the helmet using a single hand – even when wearing a safety glove.

Steven Binnie, Sales Director for Alpha Solway said “We are thrilled to be launching the ENHA head protection products into the UK and Ireland. A truly comprehensive, high performance and innovative array of solutions for safety managers and workers across a wide range of industry sectors.

“ENHA’s reputation is already well established across mainland Europe through their award-winning approach.  The quality and performance combined with revolutionary, innovative features and sector specific solutions gives safety managers a great opportunity to undertake a fresh review of their head protection programmes to ensure they have workers covered effectively.”

To find out more about the ENHA range of head protection visit or call +44 (0) 1461 202452 or email [email protected].

Precision Cutting and Control with Hultafors Tools’ Newest Range of Hand Saws

As really professional craftsmen know, Hultafors’ can deliver just about anything you need for measuring, leveling and marking; striking, cutting and chopping; even prying and wrecking.

That’s why they’ a range of Tools that can handle tough applications, last for ages and feel right when you’re working on site.

Hultafors’ HBX and HBS saws are well known for their top quality precision cuts and, to complement those models, there’s a brand new range of cutting and sawing tools that include – Bow Saws, general purpose Short Hand Saws,Hack Saws, a Jab Saw, a Concrete Saw plus a superb Japanese Ryoba Saw which is perfect when you need a tool for the finest cuts made with minimal force.

So what makes these saws really different? Check out the blade tips for an easier start and ongoing sawing motion control; the easy-to-use blade exchange system; the extra-stable precision blades and the ergonomic to make sawing an easier and more precise experience.

Getting more information on the Hultafors Tools range of Handsaws is easy. You call the Helpline on 01484 854788 or check out and download a digital catalogue.

SoloProtect Promoting Safer Drinking for Students

SoloProtect is partnering with student accommodation provider Unite Students to promote

safer nights out during this years’ Fresher’s Week.

Unite provides residential accommodation to around 50,000 students in approximately 140 buildings across the UK, and is the largest, and most established purpose-built student accommodation provider in the UK.

SoloProtect is an organisation that’s passionate about personal safety; they have years of experience in delivering world-class lone worker protection through their dedicated lone worker devices.

SoloProtect ID is a lone worker device that’s designed to be discreet and easy to use. The fully managed lone worker security service affords peace of mind for staff at every level of an organisation, and comprehensive support for lone workers out in the community, at remote locations or whilst carrying out specific jobs or tasks that carry an element of risk.

SoloProtect have been protecting the Unite Students workforce for over 8 years now and are happy to be involved in freshers’ week activity this year throughout the country. By protecting their lone workers, Unite are creating positive and safe environments and demonstrating that they care, not just about their workforce but about their residents too.

As part of this campaign Unite Students has worked with the alcohol phentermine online chat awareness charity, Drinkaware, to produce the content promoting healthy attitude towards safe consumption of alcohol and give practical tips and advice on how to spot signs and deal with alcohol


SoloProtect will be sponsoring bottles of water to university freshers in order to promote safer drinking. Craig Swallow, Managing Director of SoloProtect, commented:

“Unite Students are using their years of experience to offer advice and information on personal safety and safer drinking and we’re extremely happy to be involved, as personal safety is extremely important to us. Like lone working, if you’re a young student, in a new town it’s important to stay vigilant. Don’t wonder off alone, pace yourself, stay alert and be sure to drink plenty of water’.

Unite’s Student Services and Health & Safety teams have worked alongside city teams and experts from Drinkaware to design this year’s Personal Safety campaign, as well as securing sponsorship from SoloProtect to support the activities.

“The aim,” explains Stephanie Camm (H&S Manager, Projects & Comms), “is to reduce the number of student safety related incidents during the settling in period by providing students with practical information and guidance on ways to feel safe and stay safe.”

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Globus Group Combining Cutting Edge PPE Solutions With Dedicated Support At A+A 2017

Globus Group – world leaders in PPE protecting people – will be highlighting the latest personal protective equipment solutions from its Alpha Solway and Riley brands at this year’s A+A. This international event will be held on 17-20th October 2017 in Dusseldorf.

Visitors to the Globus Group stand G03 in Hall 4, will be able to see the new PPE innovations from Alpha Solway® including Alpha FLOW™ disposable masks, Alpha SOTA™ hearing protection and Chemsol HG Lite chemical clothing. Alongside, the new cutting-edge Riley® range of protective eyewear will be showcased.

Key products on display from Alpha Solway will include:

  • The new range of Alpha FLOW™ disposable respirators featuring low breathing resistance, a newly designed, larger exhalation valve to reduce heat build-up and the company’s first FFP3 model with a charcoal filter
  • The high-performance Alpha SOTA™ hearing protection range – including the new SimpleFit ear plug and range of ear defenders
  • Brand new Chemsol HG Lite protective suit, designed to protect wash-down workers against cleaning chemicals and food and animal fats
  • Chemmaster – widely considered the industry standard in comfortable chemical protective clothing and ChemCre8 – the unique and easy on-line service enabling protective suits to be tailor-made (including branding) to a company’s requirements.

The recently launched Riley® brand – delivering the latest in European high-performance safety eyewear solutions – will buy phentermine reviews display a sophisticated and contemporary-styled range of high comfort spectacles, goggles and face shields featuring:

  • High performance TECTON™ protective coatings, cured to both sides of the lens to provide enhanced anti-fog and anti-scratch performance (EN 166 ‘K’ and ’N’) for the lifespan of the product, UV400 protection and moisture resistance
  • A range of lens tints to optimise vision for the wearer in different environments

Visitors can also find out about Riley’s specialist RX safety prescription service which offers a contemporary range of styles all manufactured in Riley’s own UK facility and featuring impact resistant (EN166 Level F) polycarbonate lenses.

“We are delivering some really exciting developments in worker safety solutions across both the Alpha Solway and Riley brands, using the latest innovations in both design and manufacturing, and are really looking forward to introducing these to visitors at this year’s A+A show,” said Steve Shale, Marketing Manager for Globus Group.

“In addition to product quality and a vast amount of expertise, Globus Group is dedicated to supporting our customers with market leading PPE technical knowledge, training and education to really help manage the safety and well-being of workers across a wide range of industry sectors,” added Steve.

To find out more about the range of solutions that will feature on the Globus Group stand at A+A visit

Compressed Air Cleaning Is Still Used For Clothing And Parts Of The Body – But Is It Really Safe?

Compressed Air Cleaning, when production and factory personnel are at work, it can often be tempting for them to find the easiest, or in their opinion, the fastest way of doing certain things. This is all well and good, but shortcuts can lead to individuals and companies running into major problems, and even falling foul of regulations that may be in place.

One example of how OSHA regulations can be severely compromised is demonstrated when workers may choose to use a compressed air gun/nozzle to remove dust and debris from clothing and/or exposed skin.

Compressed air tools are of course commonplace on factory floors, and to workers a compressed air gun may be the quickest and most convenient method of cleaning themselves down. However, the reality is that he/she may be creating a noncompliance, but more significantly, a potentially dangerous situation.

Many companies will have written safe work procedures that outline how to perform a task with minimum risk to people, equipment, materials, environment and processes. Because of this most employees are well-aware that using compressed air nozzles to remove debris from clothes is a hazardous habit. However, despite this lots of workplace injuries still happen because of the misuse horseplay, and no matter how innocently it might start, it can end with disastrous consequences. It may be amusing to direct a jet of air at a co-worker, but these tools produce enough pressure to cause a severe internal injury such as embolisms which can be fatal.

If employers are going to allow their workforce to use compressed air in the workplace, it is vital that they understand the appropriate regulations and to be aware of alternative technologies that can further reduce or eliminate the dangers.

To acquire further understandings of what is safe and approved for clean down operations, Nick Wakley, ACI’s Health & Safety Officer answers some commonly asked questions.

Q. What is your interpretation of the OSHA regulation regarding the use of compressed air for cleaning purposes?

NW: The main points to take from the OSHA regulation (29 CFR1910.242(b)) are as follows:

  • Output Pressure:
    Factory air lines normally operate between 80 psi and 120 psi. Most pneumatic tools, including air guns, need high pressures to operate effectively. OSHA requires that when an air gun is dead ended (the tip of an air gun is blocked), the static pressure at the point of blockage is no more than 30 psi.
  • Q: If there was one message or action you would take from the OSHA regulations for compressed air, what would it be?

    NWA: Although it states you should reduce the pressure of your compressed air lines to less than 30PSI, there is plenty of proof that even running lines at less than 5-10PSI can still cause injury if used on exposed skin. For my own point of view, I prefer to be completely sure everyone is safe and follow the simple rule that under no circumstances should employees use compressed air for clean off clothing or skin. If your employees need to clean themselves down, find a safer alternative solution.

    Q: What exactly are the hazards of using compressed air?

    NWA: Compressed air is not just ordinary air and it needs to be respected. Compressed air is a concentrated stream of air at high pressure and high velocity that can cause serious injury to the operator and even the people around him/her. Playing with compressed air can be fatal:

    • A misdirected jet of compressed air to the head can cause serious eye injuries or rupture the eardrum.
    • Aiming the compressed air into the mouth can damage the lungs and oesophagus.
    • Careless use of it to blow away dirt or dust from the body, even with a protective layer of clothes, could allow the air to enter the body, which can damage the internal organs.
    • The most serious damage that can be caused by it occurs when air is blown in under the skin, for example via an open wound. This can lead to an embolism, in which air bubbles are pressed into the veins and transported along the bloodstream. If the air bubble reaches the heart it causes symptoms similar to a heart attack. If the bubble reaches the brain, it can cause a stroke which can be fatal.
    • Finally, since compressed air usually contains small amounts of oil or dirt, severe infections can also occur if the compressed air enters the body.


    Q: If cleaning buy phentermine hong kong down with compressed air guns & nozzles going to continue, what safe measures can be taken?

    NWA: Firstly, if you are going to allow compressed air to be used for cleaning processed, some measures that might be taken, include:

    • Never point an air hose or air gun at anyone, either for fun or to blow away dirt from clothes or the body.
    • Never point at exposed human skin.
    • Always use personal protective equipment, such as goggles, when cleaning with compressed air.
    • Check the air hoses regularly for damage or leakage and remove any leaking hose immediately. A hose that breaks under pressure will come loose and wave around completely uncontrolled.
    • Avoid allowing air hoses to lie on the floor where someone can trip over them, or where they can be damaged by vehicles, doors or tools. If possible, pull the air lines and hoses at ceiling height.Chip Guarding:
      Whenever blowing off debris with a compressed air gun/nozzle, under certain conditions workers can be subjected to chip fly-back. This term refers to the tendency of loose particles or chips to fly back into the operator’s face, eyes or skin. For an operation that requires this type of close-in work, OSHA requires that effective chip guarding be incorporated into the workplace.Noise:
      Excessive noise generated in the workplace can be harmful and compressed air gun/nozzles can contribute to high levels of occupational noise. Every precaution should be taken to reduce this.Remember to always treat compressed air and related components as professional tools – something that facilitates your work, but only if handled properly and safely.

      Q: Where are the OSHA regulations applied and are there any other regulations that apply to this issue?

      NW: The US only is officially regulated by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), although from my experience more and more companies outside of the US are using OSHA for their own guidelines. SUVA is a Swiss body which has issued similar recommendations and rules.

    Q: If you are looking to remove the use of compressed air guns & nozzles in your workplace for cleaning purposes, are there any safe alternatives?

    NWA: Vacuums cleaners are a viable alternative for self-cleaning, however, they can be rather clumsy and the process of removing dust from clothing can be time consuming. This is clearly demonstrated in the following

    Another option that eliminates all risks and facilitates de-dusting and cleaning of personnel is called the ‘JetBlack’. This is a blower powered (1400 watts) solution that removes dust and debris from clothing or skin using high volumes of air at low pressure. It operates at less than 2.53PSI (70In.SWG) and can be directed safely at exposed skin with no risk of harm at all. Its’s quite safe for all personnel cleaning requirements.

    The unit also offers users the advantage of being much quieter with noise output being less than 78dB(A). This is significantly quieter than compressed air and well below the level of 85dB(A) level that can lead to hearing loss.

    Q: Is ACI’s JetBlack OSHA compliant?

    NWA: There are two versions of the ACI JetBlack. One is a wall mounted unit intended for fixed cleaning stations to be used by personnel, and the other is a portable unit ideal for cleaning and removal of debris/dust from machinery or workspaces. Both are OSHA compliant as they are fitted with a chip guard, and operate at a low pressure.

    Q: What happens when the dust is removed using a JetBlack?

    NWA: Any dust or contaminant removed/blown off from clothing using a JetBlack will be airborne. Although this is not ideal, the JetBlack was designed to simply replace all compressed air nozzles and guns for removing dust from personnel quickly and effectively.

    If the removed dust particles do need to be extracted, ACI offer the Personnel Cleaning Booth which is a self-contained, free-standing dedusting system. This is a highly effective unit for removing, extracting and collecting dust and debris from employee’s dirty work clothes.

    The Cleaning Booth incorporates the company’s blower-powered JetBlack personnel dedusting system and delivers a high volumes of filtered air at low pressure, sufficient to remove powders and dust effectively and safely. In operation, the integrated JetBlack is used by Booth occupants to dislodge all dust and fibres. These are then drawn down and away from occupants through a grille floor by a vacuum effect created by an external blower.

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