SoloProtect announce ARC availability above 99.999% for 12-month period

SoloProtect has announced Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) performance statistics for the last twelve months. Opened in 2015, The SoloProtect ARC, is a purpose-built, dedicated lone worker resource and supports all lone worker solutions delivered by the company in the U.K.

In the twelve-month period as of November 2017, SoloProtect’s rolling annual availability stood above 99.999%.

The ‘Five Nines’ is the performance benchmark for availability within the Data Centre industry. ARCs and Data Centres differ in structure and build requirements – yet both are judged on availability. As such, SoloProtect set an internal target to achieve the same performance as that of a Tier 4 Data Centre.

ARC demand will tend to fluctuate across the time of day, or certain times of the year when things like worsening weather conditions will become a factor in lone worker device usage. During peak-use in October 2017, the SoloProtect ARC received a signal, every 4 seconds – and over 10,500 signals in a single day *.

Craig Swallow, Managing Director, SoloProtect UK commented:

“We’re delighted to be able to announce this ARC performance data to the market. We appreciate that reliability is extremely important to our customers – particularly when supplying a service that can alter the course of a violent, or accidental-injury situation. It remains a core focus of the business to keep the standard of service we deliver to SoloProtect customers high”.

*Signals indicates all communications sent from a lone worker device, to the ARC – this is not only alarm activations.

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