Cirrus Research Makes the Customer King

Cirrus Research, specialists in the design and manufacture of noise monitoring equipment makes their customers king by regularly listening to feedback and where necessary improving products to make them work better. Some examples of recent changes include:

  • Updates to the Optimus range of sound level meters
  • Updates to the NoiseTools software used by the Optimus sound level meters, the Trojan noise nuisance recorder and the doseBadge noise dosimeter.

Noise Measurement…. Easy, dose it!!

Pulsar Instruments Plc have recently launched their new and improved doseBadge system.

The kit now includes a new ‘fast charge’ function on the updated charger unit, meaning the badges can be fully charged and ready to use in as little as three hours.   This represents real savings in terms of time and money.

The revolutionary doseBadge is a self-contained noise measurement device that has no cables, displays or controls, making it the ideal solution for capturing the reality of the wearers’ daily noise exposure levels. Read more