Cirrus Research Makes the Customer King

Cirrus Research, specialists in the design and manufacture of noise monitoring equipment makes their customers king by regularly listening to feedback and where necessary improving products to make them work better. Some examples of recent changes include:

  • Updates to the Optimus range of sound level meters
  • Updates to the NoiseTools software used by the Optimus sound level meters, the Trojan noise nuisance recorder and the doseBadge noise dosimeter.

Updates to Optimus sound level meters

The Optimus range of sound level meters now include the latest digital technology and industrial design, bringing new features and functions to hand held noise measurement instruments.

The Optimus sound level meters can be used for a range of different applications including:

  • simple noise measuring
  • occupational noise
  • noise at work
  • environmental noise.


New versions of NoiseTool software

The NoiseTools software is supplied as standard with the Optimus, doseBadge, Trojan, CR: 260A and CR:800C instruments.

The software can be used to download noise measurement data from the instrument, review the measurements and create reports. NoiseTools can also playback information that has been captured through the VoiceTag audio recording feature in the Optimus. This feature enables users to store audio information about where and when the measurement is made by simply talking into the microphone, which is then automatically stored and downloaded to the NoiseTools software.

The software is free and can be installed phentermine no prescription order onto as many PCs as is needed. The latest version of the software has just been released, featuring a wide variety of new applications. Some of these include:

  • Korean, Italian and Spanish translations,
  • Improved exposure calculator to support repeated measurements and
  • Maps for use with measurements that have GPS data.
  • Windows 8 compatibility

As the NoiseTools software is written and supported by Cirrus Research, updates and new features can be added as quickly as possible. Cirrus Research has also made the NoiseTools software fully compatible with Windows 8, a feature that can often benefit smaller companies where they are not controlled by a central IT department and where they have bought a new PC which is supplied with the new Windows 8 operating system.

All Cirrus Research products are manufactured in the UK and have been since the business opened in 1970.

James Tingay, Group Marketing Manager at Cirrus Research Plc said:

“We can reflect and adapt quickly to customer feedback because we manufacture all of our products in North Yorkshire. Cirrus Research has over 40 years experience in delivering high quality, cost effective noise monitoring and measurement equipment which can be used in both occupational and environmental surroundings”.

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