Sitting or standing? How to achieve a happy medium

Recent publicity surrounding sedentary lifestyles detailed how sitting at work all day can have a negative impact on our health, stating also that changing positions throughout the day burns calories.  In response, interest in sit-stand desks is growing, but how do you know what solution is best for your employees in your business?

Further to recent publicity, interest is now growing in electrically adjustable sit-stand desks, with the aim of providing frequent posture changes for a healthier and more comfortable range of positions for employees.  However, sit-stand desks are not suitable for all working environments.

Guy Osmond, Managing Director of Osmond Ergonomics, explains:

“In an ideal world, you should not remain in one position for too long, standing or sitting.  If standing for long periods, it’s important that some of that weight is supported.  Additionally, with comfortable and correct positioning, employee productivity is increased; meaning not only is it better for your employees, but better for the efficiency of your business too”.

Guy, who has been involved in workplace ergonomics for over 20 years, continues “Accommodating both posture positions comfortably and effectively has always cheap phentermine without a rx been a problem in the work place.  For example, working in a laboratory or museum frequently requires employees to stand for a significant amount of time throughout the day, but health wise, this has the potential to cause all sorts of musculo-skeletal problems.” 

Ergonomics is the holistic discipline of adapting environments to optimise human well-being and performance.  Guy explains “Osmond Ergonomics has the demanding task of identifying what equipment will provide the best long term solution for your employee and your business, which is a specialist skill.  For example, the new Occufit Scoop Sit-Stand Stool is perfect for the roles mentioned above as it allows workers to sit at almost-standing height for longer periods of time, so minimising any negative health implications. The key thing, when selecting the correct furniture or seating, is to focus on long term solutions with great outcomes for employees and the business.”

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