Cirrus Research at Safety and Health Expo 2013

Visit the Cirrus Research stand on F20 at Safety & Health Expo and keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of noise measurement instruments from Cirrus.

The Noise Doctors are here to help
On the stand will be the Noise Doctors, ready to answer your noise

measurement questions and to provide advice, products and support.

On show will be the optimus sound level meters, the industry leading noise measurement tools for noise at work and environmental noise.

The optimus red sound level meters have been designed to meet the needs of anyone who is working to the Noise at Work Regulations and provide all of the measurement parameters needed.

Supplied with the intuitive NoiseTools software, the optimus can also be used for environmental noise measurements and can be combined with the doseBadge noise dosimeter to provide a complete Safety Officers Noise Measurement Kit.

All of these products will be on display and available for demonstration on the Cirrus phentermine online in us stand, F20.

Play your sounds right and win!

Visitors will be able to enter our “Play your sounds right” competition and win a range of prizes by putting sounds in order of noise level. Entries can be posted on the Cirrus stand by completing an entry card or by playing the game on the Wall of Sound, located within the Sound Tardis.

BANG! And the Noise is gone in the ARCO Academy

The Cirrus Noise Doctor team will be presenting a session in the ARCO Academy where they will be demonstrating just how loud 85dB really. The team will asking the audience to participate in guessing how loud noises are and how long it would take for the Noise at Work Action levels to be exceeded.

This fun and interactive presentation will be at 12pm on Wednesday 15th May in the ARCO Academy, next to the Cirrus stand (F20).

Training & Support

Cirrus will be announcing a range of support and training services at Safety & Health Expo including a new 3 1/2 day Noise Course in partnership with ARCO, a set of new dates of the CPTC (Cirrus Product Training Course) and a new support website.

Come along to stand F20 and find out how a Cirrus sound level meter enhanced by our range of training and support can help make your noise measurements simple.