Brand New Vibration Meter from Castle! International Appeal of Castle’s new Vibration Meter

Castle Group Ltd, leading company in the field of Noise and Vibration Measurement has done it again! The company has launched the VEXO, its latest Vibration Meter, designed to meet the ever increasing demand for a low-cost solution to vibration measurement, with simple to use features and rugged design.

The Vexo is available in two forms; there is a single axis version, with a rugged industrial sensor and probe, for use in industry to assess the condition of manufacturing plant and components. There is also a Hand Arm Vibration Meter, which is the smallest and lowest cost option in its class. Making the most of the latest sensor technology and state-of-the- art electronics, the Vexo boasts a large colour screen, re-chargeable battery pack, a big measuring range, data-logging and the simplest of user interfaces, with a switch-on-and- go approach to taking measurements.

Simon Bull, Managing Director of Castle said, “The Vexo is a very buy phentermine online now welcome addition to the Castle range and gives us the ability to offer real choice to customers when it comes to measuring Vibration. We set out to produce a world-beater at an entry-level price, and I believe we have achieved just that!”

The Single Axis Meter measures Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement and gives results according to ISO10816 as well as bearing condition indication and Trending Analysis (with PC software). The Hand Arm Vibration version measures in 3 axes

simultaneously and reports results for the individual axes as well as the overall sum and gives these as averages (Aeq), maximum levels (Amax) and Peak values. The meters both come complete with VibdataLITE software for downloading and viewing data stored on the meter. VibdataPRO can be purchased as an upgrade at a later date and allows for more in-depth data analysis.

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