Evac+Chair becomes new UK distributor of life-saving defibrillator

Birmingham-based Evac+Chair International, has become the main UK distributor for CardiAid Automated External Defibrillators.

The life-saving device, manufactured in the Netherlands, is designed specifically for public access use to provide essential electroshock treatment and first aid in the event of an emergency. In situations such as sudden cardiac arrest, acting within minutes is critical to improve chances of recovery, until emergency medical services can reach the patient.

The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) provides comprehensive assistance by talking the user through the life-saving actions needed in an easy, step-by-step manner, helping to improve the overall chances of survival and recovery. 

The high-profile case of footballer Fabrice Muamba, who survived a sudden cardiac arrest after life-saving treatment by medics on the football pitch, has helped to highlight the need for quick and effective action in such cases. 

Mark Roberts, sales and marketing phentermine 37.5 safety director at Evac+Chair International, said: “We have recognised a real need for equipment of this type and in addition to our evacuation products, it is important to offer our customers an extensive range of emergency equipment.”

The AED lends itself to many business environments, such as schools, sports centre’s and shopping centre’s.  It is also used by emergency response medical services, physicians and dentists, and occupational health and safety practices, ensuring that businesses of all kinds are prepared for this kind of emergency.

Mark adds: “In times of crisis when people are put under immense pressure, it is essential to make the process of reviving a person as easy to deliver as possible, and the AED reassures our customers that they can cope in emergency situations that require accuracy, speed and control.”