‘Just a flesh wound’ should have used cut level 5 from Flexion Global

Many of a certain age would remember the film where the Black Knight tried to stop King Arthur from crossing a stream and lost his limbs in the ensuing sword fight.  The most memorable words uttered being “Tis but a scratch, and  “Its just a flesh wound”.  We couldn’t say if he was wearing cut resistant clothing, but the serious side of this is that Cut Level 5 workwear literally could save your life or limb.

Dymatex5  products use the worlds strongest fibre, 15 times stronger even than steel in the crucial weight:strength ratio.  Produced in Portugal these garments are lightweight, stylish and highly effective.  Complemented by a range of cut proof gloves that are breathable, comfortable and highly dexterous, our products meet or exceed the stringent EN388:2016 test. The measurement of cut levels is not guesswork either because an accident at work could be life threatening. It’s actually very precise.

Are all the staff under your care properly equipped? The latest range of Cut Level 5 clothing from Flexion Global is readily available, its smart and protect the critical arteries in the body as well as against cuts and slashes. Not sure which is right for you?

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