You only have one pair of hands

Next to back injuries, the most common workplace injuries are to the hands and almost entirely preventable through wearing the correct gloves for the job.

In 2015 it was reported that 39% of hand injuries were from cuts or lacerations.  Puncture injuries by comparison were just 13% and fractures 11.2%.  Taking these stats even further nearly 71% of arm and hand injuries were preventable by wearing the correct PPE.  In the case of the 39% hand injuries thats a simple as wearing cut-resistant gloves.  Non-compliance is a major factor, but it is also the employers responsibility to provide suitable workwear and enforce the wearing of it.

How would you feel if you could find a glove, that is lightweight, breathable, dexterous and yet have a strength to weight ratio 5 times that of Kevlar and 15 times that of steel? Flexion Global have such a glove, and using our Dymacut material these gloves easily exceeds EN388:2016 Cut Level 5, yet are still pleasant to wear, washable and very flexible. Read more about them here

Do you find it hard to believe? Just give us a call on 01553 819767 and we will send to your workplace a pair of cut proof gloves completely FREE OF CHARGE. We think you will be amazed!