Globus is set to further strengthen its position as a leading provider of hand protection solutions with the launch of the high performance impact-resistant SHOWA 377-IP nitrile foam grip glove.
Designed to protect workers across a range of industries including oil and gas, construction, rail, mining, logistics and utilities that face the risk of impact-related hand injuries, the new SHOWA 377-IP glove combines impact protection with wet and dry grip performance, durability, comfort and dexterity.
Thanks to its revolutionary design, the back of the hands, knuckles and fingers are protected by SHOWA’s fully integrated and highly flexible Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) shields that absorb and dissipate the force of an impact, significantly reducing the threat of injuries. Flex points have also been built-in to the TPR shields so that when the hands are gripping tightly, the shields aren’t ‘opened up’ safeguarding the bones against potential impact exposure.
On the palm, SHOWA’s patented nitrile foam grip technology – which extends to the fingertips – disperses liquids including oil, grease and water to deliver outstanding grip in wet and slippery conditions. The additional underlying layer of durable film nitrile bolsters protection to the entire hand.
The result is a glove ideally suited to anyone working in physically demanding environments with wet handling conditions where impact risks exist.
“The SHOWA 377-IP glove fills a real gap in the market that currently exists where there are impact risks to workers’ hands. You only have to look at the latest figures from the Health and Safety Executive to see how risk-exposed the hands are – in particular from handling and ‘struck-by’ impact injuries. Handling injuries remain the single biggest cause of over 7-day injuries in the UK*, with ‘struck-by’ injuries the fourth phentermine 37.5 with prescription largest cause,” said Globus Marketing Manager Steve Shale.
“The development of the SHOWA 377-IP provides the perfect balance of impact protection, wet and dry grip, hand flexibility and liquid resistance. It also overcomes any lack of finger flexibility that can be evident in other impact protection gloves. Feedback from workers thus far has been extremely positive, many being impressed with the levels of grip and protection it offers whilst working in oil-based mud and when concreting.” he added.
In addition to its physical attributes, the new SHOWA 377-IP provides wider user benefits including:
Durability – the palm is more abrasion resistant compared to traditional synthetic leather
Ergonomic Design – provides comfort for extended wear and reduced hand fatigue. Designed using SHOWA’s patented manufacturing processes resulting in a glove style that mimics the natural curvature of the hand.
Bright Blue and Green Colour – users benefit from a highly visibly glove which can help safety in poorly-lit or gloomy working environments. This increases the awareness of the users’ hands by others.
Grip – excellent and proven grip performance in oily, wet and dry environments thanks to SHOWA’s patented nitrile foam coating to the palm and fingertips.
Flexibility and Tactility – has the flexibility and dexterity that workers really like leading to increased wearer compliance and greater worker efficiency.
Part of the Renowned Family of Patented SHOWA Nitrile Foam Grip Gloves – SHOWA 377-IP is an addition to a product family with an impressive legacy. Gloves featuring the same SHOWA patented nitrile foam grip technology (SHOWA 377, 379, 477 and S-TEX 376) are already trusted extensively by workers across a range of industries.
For more information on the new SHOWA 377-IP gloves visit, email or call 0161 877 4747.


Leading hand protection specialist Globus has enhanced its range of chemical-resistant gloves with the launch of SKYTEC Nero™ – combining chemical and mechanical protection with comfort, dexterity and grip.

Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications from chemical processing and manufacturing to utilities, engineering and agriculture, the new SKYTEC Nero™ not only protects workers against water-based chemicals but also delivers abrasion and tear resistance performance.

The result is a natural-rubber glove ideal for heavy-duty handling, processing and maintenance tasks.

Featuring a hexagonal textured pattern on the palm and fingertips for enhanced grip in wet and slippery conditions, SKYTEC Nero™ is also extremely comfortable thanks to its anatomical shape, designed to minimise hand fatigue. Part of the renowned SKYTEC hand protection range, the glove is 0.65mm thick – ensuring flexibility and dexterity. Comfort is further enhanced through the pure cotton flock lining which absorbs perspiration.

Available in sizes small to extra-large, the CE certified Cat III glove, has an EN388:2003 phentermine online discount rating of 2020 providing good abrasion and tear resistance and is also EN374-3 certified, delivering in particular level 4 protection against chemicals including Sodium Hydroxide (40%) and Sulphuric Acid (96%).

“The need to balance physical performance with chemical resistance is increasingly important across a wide range of industry sectors and the launch of Nero™ is designed to further help our customers achieve this. Not only does it deliver when it comes to protection but with a real focus on wearability, it’s a great solution for challenging working environments.” said Globus Marketing Manager Steve Shale.

As part of its approach to helping customers better understand the issues surrounding workplace hand protection, Globus has created a free infographic explaining the EN 374:2003 standard, the testing procedures and what the resulting data means. The infographic can be seen at:

For more information visit , call +44(0) 161 877 4747 or e-mail:

NEW from the Hultafors Group – Solid Gear and Toe Guard the new Safety Shoes Brands for the UK.

With a premium product portfolio that already includes Tools and Workwear in the form of the Hultafors and Snickers brands, the Hultafors Group is now launching a top quality range of Safety Shoes for the UK market to complement these market leaders.

Now owned by the Hultafors Group, the Solid Gear and Toe Guard brands are the fastest growing in Scandinavia where demands for safety, quality and value keep their shoes and boots one step ahead of the competition.

With 23 different safety shoes available across the 2 brands, the footwear is available in trainer, shoe and boot styles – all with in-built hi-tech designs that combine top quality materials, ultimate comfort and maximum safety.

“Delivering this low cost phentermine no prescription unique product family to the UK market is a natural step for us to become the leading company in the UK for Workwear, Tools and Safety Footwear” said David Clark, the Hultafors Group UK managing director. “The Solid Gear and Toe Guard product ranges extend our offer of premium brands that are the natural first choice among discerning professional craftsmen and women.”

Both the Solid Gear and Toe Guard brands are now available through – and recommended by – Snickers Workwear in the UK.

To get more information on Solid Gear and Toe Guard – the Next Generation of Safety Footwear, visit the website at alternatively, call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788.


New Showa 381 microfibre glove helps to keep workers’ hands dry and comfortable

globusA new protective glove, the Showa 381 offers increased comfort as well as protection for workers carrying out a variety of tasks. Whether its assembly work or the handling of oily components, the glove provides a high level of abrasion resistance (EN388 Level 4) and allows the necessary dexterity for intricate tasks to be completed with ease.

The glove is extremely hard-wearing but also lightweight at the same time; the thickness of the palm is only 0.90mm which allows excellent levels of tactility and fingertip sensitivity. It’s ideal for use in manufacturing environments as well as the mechanical, construction, logistics and utilities sectors. Read more

The Latest Non-Confrontational Body Armour Design

PPSShivizstabvestUK headquartered PPSS Group have now launched newly designed ‘Tabard Style’ stab resistant vests, aiming to improve the appearance of those wearing them.

We all know too well that some professionals wearing body armour can certainly sometimes be perceived as aggressive, confrontational or authoritative looking.

This doesn’t make us, the general public, feel any better when approached by such an officer, even when we are absolutely certain we have done no wrong.

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group, says: “In general our customers within facility management, public Read more

How to Safely Remove Disposable Gloves

GLOBUS-BLOG-DISP-0615-ProcessDo your colleagues know how to remove their disposable gloves safely? A simple task, one might think, but it’s not a straight-forward procedure. One wrong move could end up with damage to the skin, not to mention contaminating the immediate surroundings! Therefore it’s really cheap phentermine online consultation important to know how to remove gloves safely.

Read the latest Globus Hand Protection blog post and download your complimentary poster to help protect glove-wearers as well as your facility.

Plus there’s a useful video that you can use too ! CLICK HERE

Protect and Preserve with biodegradable gloves on World Environment Day

GlobusGlobus, a world leader in protecting hands, is helping companies to protect and preserve the environment for World Environment Day on 5 June 2015. Qualifying businesses in the UK and Ireland can register to receive a free trial pair of biodegradable nitrile grip gloves up until Friday 12th June 2015 by going to the Globus website at The United Nations’ ‘World Environment Day’ is promoted worldwide to raise awareness of environmental issues and to encourage political action. The theme Read more


ShowaGloveGlobus, a leader in the protective glove market, has launched the innovative 306 glove (from the Showa brand) which provides the perfect balance between safety, dexterity, performance and value. The launch follows over a decade of research and development which focused on achieving the Utopian vision of a ‘glove for all seasons’.

Speaking about the launch, Steve Shale, Marketing Manager of Globus said, “The unpredictable nature of the British weather means that outdoor workers often face a multitude of conditions and ensuring hands remain comfortable when going from wet to dry conditions and vice versa is a considerable challenge whilst wearing the same glove. Unique to Globus in the UK and Ireland, the 306 is a revolutionary grip glove which overcomes this.” Read more


GLOBUS SKYTEC ARIAThe Aria glove, from the Globus Skytec range, has achieved top marks for EU standard EN 388:2003, providing added reassurance to customers of their protection from mechanical risk. The glove, which has a NFT™ nitrile foam palm, recently achieved 25,000 cycles in the EN 388 abrasion resistance test.

The test by an independent research and testing organisation, was carried out to quantify wearer claims that the gloves simply lasted and lasted….far beyond anything they’d ever used before.

This result confirmed Aria as level 4 for abrasion resistance – the maximum that can be achieved in accordance with EN 388:2003. However, unlike standard EN 388 testing, the Read more

Experts on hand to protect you at work

PolycoMonzaDo you rely on your hands to be able to carry out day-to-day activities at work? Are they exposed to a number of hazards? If so, then take a look at the collection of new gloves on offer from hand protection experts, Polyco.

Polyco has recently introduced six new styles of gloves to its collection of hand protection. The new gloves can be used in a variety of industries and are as follows: Read more