ShowaGloveGlobus, a leader in the protective glove market, has launched the innovative 306 glove (from the Showa brand) which provides the perfect balance between safety, dexterity, performance and value. The launch follows over a decade of research and development which focused on achieving the Utopian vision of a ‘glove for all seasons’.

Speaking about the launch, Steve Shale, Marketing Manager of Globus said, “The unpredictable nature of the British weather means that outdoor workers often face a multitude of conditions and ensuring hands remain comfortable when going from wet to dry conditions and vice versa is a considerable challenge whilst wearing the same glove. Unique to Globus in the UK and Ireland, the 306 is a revolutionary grip glove which overcomes this.”

Research has shown that high quality, effective hand protection boosts worker productivity as it eliminates time consuming glove changes and also underpins safety standards. The 306 is a unique combination of high grade foam latex coupled with a flat latex coating on the palm which enables exceptional grip, dexterity as well as breathability. This exceptional breathability means reduced perspiration in hot conditions and improved dryness in wet conditions and as a result, workers only need one type of glove – whatever the weather.

Together, Globus and Showa have shown decades of continuous innovation and are dedicated to researching new fibres and fabrics, designing new compounds and coating science to make their gloves even more safe, helpful to the environment and comfortable for the wearer. This is of particular importance as studies have shown that those who use their phentermine 37.5 mg usa hands extensively as part of their job often suffer from significant pain, fatigue and associated muscular skeletal problems as a result of how they apply grip. The new 306 mimics the natural contours and curvature of the hand and thus reduces muscular stress and hand fatigue. The seamless knit of the first grade materials used also provides optimum comfort and eliminates skin irritation. The spongy foam latex offers protection to the back of the hands whilst still affording excellent flexibility and fit – something not usually seen in other fully coated gloves.

The 306 has also been developed with cost effectiveness in mind. Steve Shale, Marketing Manager continued;  “At a time when austerity measures are at the forefront of most decision makers’ minds we are well aware that the innovations we bring to market also have to be cost effective. Sometimes personal protection equipment becomes an easy target for cost-cutting measures. The decision to change to a cheaper option can be taken in isolation without full consideration of the resulting impact that the changes may have on the workers and their ability to do a job properly.  As part of our consultative approach we ensure our customers not only identify the right gloves for their needs but also understand the wider implications – such as how the ever-changing weather conditions will affect a worker’s ability to do a job efficiently and safely.”

The 306 glove – the ultimate outdoor companion and a welcome addition to the Globus range.


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