Protect and Preserve with biodegradable gloves on World Environment Day

GlobusGlobus, a world leader in protecting hands, is helping companies to protect and preserve the environment for World Environment Day on 5 June 2015. Qualifying businesses in the UK and Ireland can register to receive a free trial pair of biodegradable nitrile grip gloves up until Friday 12th June 2015 by going to the Globus website at The United Nations’ ‘World Environment Day’ is promoted worldwide to raise awareness of environmental issues and to encourage political action. The theme behind the 2015 event is ‘Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care’. Companies which demonstrate their commitment to the environment may experience enhanced environmental credibility which can help win contracts.

Having launched the world’s first biodegradable nitrile disposable glove, the Showa 6105PF GREEN-DEX™ last year in the UK and Ireland, Globus is now launching the world’s first biodegradable, nitrile grip glove, the Showa 4552. Both gloves biodegrade fully in biologically-active landfills thus providing effective hand protection solutions whilst bolstering environmental credentials and green purchasing policies.

The unique ‘biodegradable’ characteristic is made possible using innovative, Eco Best Technology™ (EBT). The EBT organic additive is designed to make the 6105PF and 4552 gloves attractive to microbial activity in a landfill. Upon consumption of the EBT formulation, micro-organisms excrete enzymes that depolymerise the nitrile resulting in organic matter.

Normal nitrile gloves take phentermine 37.5 how it works decades, if not hundreds of years, to biodegrade and break down in landfill whereas the biodegradation rate of these ‘green’ gloves is far more rapid, typically within 24 months. Independent research laboratories place the time between one and five years, depending on the conditions of the landfill site.

The Eco-Best Technology™ does not compromise any of the quality or shelf-life of these gloves. The Showa 4552 glove can also be washed and re-used to last for longer.

Steve Shale, Marketing Manager of Globus commented, “Nowadays companies need to act responsibly as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR). For companies aiming to bolster their environmental credentials, gloves featuring Showa EBT will be extremely valuable. Globus hand protection solutions are helping a range of organisations in many ways to increase their CSR credentials and of course we will help to implement a bespoke hand protection solution.”

Globus has a wide range of gloves for many industry sectors, including pairs that are washable and reusable. All styles are highly durable for long-lasting protection, enabling the user to retain them for longer before discarding. This reduces waste and saves carbon. Waste has also been minimised during the manufacturing process, due to Showa’s patented production process. For more information visit , call +44(0) 161 877 4747 or e-mail: