Pristine Condition Helps Tesco Distribution Achieve 60% Reduction In Manual Handling Incidents


Revolutionary bio mechanics study proves Pristine Condition manual handling techniques reduces risk factors for injury by up to 94%

A bio-mechanics study, recently commissioned by health & safety specialist, Pristine Condition, in conjunction with Tesco Distribution, has revealed ground-breaking results, and helped the supermarket retailer achieve 60% reduction in manual handling cheap phentermine wholesale incidents.

The purpose of the study was to objectively and technically measure the manual handling risk reduction when applying Pristine Principles across a number of key Tesco Distribution Centre manual handling tasks.

Using ViSafe wireless motion sensor technology, the study measured movement and muscle activity when undertaking the tasks pre and post Pristine Condition’s manual handling training.

The tests were undertaken across a range of tasks comparing the outputs both before and after Pristine Condition manual handling training. This included the loading and pulling of cages, and loading, unloading and stacking pallets. The results were exceptional. Objective data provided by ViSafe quantified the advantage of Pristine Condition techniques in reducing risk for injury across all tasks assessed as ranging between 35% and 94%, in particular reducing muscle demand by up to 73%.

Tesco Distribution had historically followed the same route as many other companies – following HSE guidance and hierarchy of controls. However, because that approach often fails to properly address the issue of incorrect technique then predictably manual handling incidents were still prevalent, causing injury to colleagues and cost to the business.

Tesco took the initiative to employ Pristine Condition – H&S Specialist and global leader in manual handling – to create a bespoke training programme to address manual handling incidents across their Distribution Centres.

For the first time ever Pristine Condition brought Olympic weightlifting techniques to industry, dispelling many myths and fallacies, and introducing realistic, achievable Principles and control measures.

Simon Pritchard, Tesco Distribution Safety Risk Manager said: “Pristine has a fantastic approach towards manual handling challenges and their training has led to a significant reduction in accidents, injuries and claims for Tesco.”

Since implementing the Pristine Condition Programme, Tesco Distribution have achieved a 60% reduction in manual handling incidents and are leading the way for supermarkets in manual handling best practice.

Davy Snowdon MBE, Founder and Managing Director of Pristine Condition comments: “Not only have we brought factual knowledge to industry but moreover the practical application in any given situation. This knowledge, which has always been lacking, self-perpetuates through workers, supervisors and managers. Everyone knows how to do the tasks correctly and the results our clients are achieving are unprecedented.

“We are thoroughly delighted to be working with Tesco and want to give full credit to their managers and colleagues who have fully bought into and supported the Programme.”

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