Pedal your way to a healthier workplace with the Yo-Yo DESK BIKE


Thought you knew all about active working? Well, there’s a new kid on the block, and it comes with pedals. It’s time to jump on the peloton, with the Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE arriving in your office space any day now from Sit-Stand.Com®.

Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE is the perfect solution to convert passive time into active time during meetings, emails, talk time or video time and burning calories in your office or home.

Why work on wheels?

Sit-Stand.Com®’s Managing Director Gavin Bradley explains: “Our Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE is a way to keep blood circulating and promote ongoing activity even when you are seated. It is perfect for meeting rooms and break-out spaces in offices, people who work from home, or people who do extra work at home after the office day is done.”

Benefits of desk biking

You can use the Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE with or without the attached desk, so it will wheel easily underneath your existing worktop for pedalling while you do everyday tasks such as reading documents or checking emails. Alternatively, stick your laptop on the desk space to work while you cycle.

A US University study found that students using a desk bike reported reduced stress and anxiety, increased morale and motivation.

It’s the ideal way to increase activity levels during sedentary office hours: ideal for people who cannot find the time to get active outside work.

Ready to get in saddle? Three steps to make the most of the Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE:

  1. Take it slow. You are not trying to win a stage of the Tour de France. Fast pedalling will interfere with concentration and ability to perform everyday work tasks such as reading and typing. Keep your cadence slow, using the same amount of effort as for a leisurely walk to boost blood circulation and gain a small calorie burn benefit.
  2. Be prepared to get a lot of attention. People will be queuing up to have a go on the Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE. Locate the desk bike in a place where it can be used for one-on-one meetings, with staff taking it in turns to spend time pedalling and then standing.
  3. Use Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE for low-intensity tasks such as reading reports, watching videos, checking emails or doing research. A standing desk is better for written and cognitive tasks requiring greater concentration.

Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE offers unbeatable value for money at only £316.79 (ex VAT)

Colours: Black or White

For more information and free trial please contact:

Craig Hamilton, Marketing Director, Sit-Stand.Com

E:  [email protected]         

T:  0333 22 00 375