The all new sit stand Motus range!

Osmond Motus Sit StandWe have spent a long time looking for a desk which offers manufacturing excellence, great flexibility and design at an attractive price. We are delighted to introduce the Motus range. It is ideally suited to many applications such as home use, office, call centre or hot-desking. The standard specification includes a steel, height-adjustable frame, choice of top width between 1200mm-1800mm and programmable memory control. The memory control is a unique feature at this price. A 1600mm x 800mm desk, for example, is just £495 + VAT.

What is the advantage of a memory control? The obvious application would be in hot-desking or co-working applications, where preferences can be set for different tasks or activities. The memory settings could equally be used by a single user. Research suggests that behaviour change is much more likely where the process is made easy and the ability to harness pre-set options is a powerful motivator for people to adopt better postures. Rather like cruise-control on a car, you may not appreciate the benefit until you have it, but then you will never want to be without it.

The frame design on the Motus is another benefit. It is width-adjustable, which gives great stability to the larger top sizes, as overhang is reduced. The I shaped frame buy adipex means that with a larger top, the Motus could be used as a sitting or standing meeting table.

The desk adjusts from 625mmm-1245mm in height. It has a lower setting than the European standard of 650mm, making it ideal for the smallest population centiles and for wheelchair users. Additionally, the shape of the frame will not impede leg room – important when considering wheelchair users or people who are taller than average.

Anti-collision technology ensures that, when adjusting the height of the desk, it will stop moving if it encounters an obstacle either above or below it.

Finally, in order to gain maximum benefit of the desk, it is imperative to have trained engineers install the desk. Guy Osmond, Managing Director explains:

“Evidence from the U.S., where employers have been quicker to install sit-stand desks, suggests that successful implementation is far from a foregone conclusion. Training is necessary to understand the best postures and practices. Users need to understand how to adjust the desk, why they should be doing so and what a good set-up looks and feels like. Otherwise, there is a strong chance that the varied use will be abandoned and it will soon revert to an unnecessarily expensive sitting desk”.

For further information, please contact Customer Services on 0845 345 0898.