Procurement Ergonomics from System Concepts

Ergonomists at System Concepts help companies chose the most suitable workplace equipment for their staff and customers.  By understanding the needs of users, and how, when and where they will use the equipment our consultants help companies:

  • save time and money by getting it right first time
  • improve staff wellbeing, comfort and productivity
  • conform to all necessary standards
  • minimise health and safety risks
  • select cost-effective equipment which is safe and comfortable to use.

Ten tips for great procurement

So how do you make sure you make the right procurement decisions?  Here are our top tips:

  1. Agree a budget at the start, and stick to it.
  2. Involve an independent ergonomist early in the procurement process.
  3. Involve the end-users and get their feedback, including mock-ups and trials if possible.
  4. Decide on your preferred suppliers.
  5. Contact suppliers early in the process and explain your requirements in detail.
  6. Allow enough time for suppliers to respond to queries.
  7. Make sure you see examples of products you wish to approve.
  8. Don’t be tempted by products you don’t need, or those that are unsuitable.
  9. Be consistent about what you want.

10. Be flexible with details such as surface finishes and upholstery.

What do the ergonomists do?

First, we understand and agree the client’s requirements and their goals.  We talk to key stakeholders and users to understand how, when and where the equipment will be used and identify phentermine no prescription specific requirements.

As the project develops, we use ergonomics standards, anthropometric databases and our experience of ergonomics best practice to:

  • develop procurement templates for specific equipment types
  • evaluate responses from manufacturers
  • visit showrooms and assess products
  • choose an inclusive range of products.

Who can benefit from this service?

Companies in all sectors can benefit from involving an ergonomist in their procurement.  We have worked with retail banks, financial institutions, hospitals and most recently a global energy and petrochemicals company to evaluate over 400 products for their global offices.

You can read detailed case studies of some of our ergonomics procurement projects here.

Can we help you?

Our consultants have experience in advising on the use of all types of furniture, display screen equipment, portable work equipment and specialised work tools in many different work environments, from typical offices to trading desks and control rooms.

We are involved in the development of international standards for ergonomics that support a user-focused approach to the design of equipment and software, giving us a unique perspective in interpreting standards for procurement projects.

Most importantly, our advice is independent – we have no links to any manufacturers.

There is more information about procurement ergonomics on our website, or for an initial chat about how we could help please contact, or call us on 0207 240 3388.

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