Svantek SV104 Noise Dosimeter wins 2013 New Product of the Year Award

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASvantek’s SV 104 noise dosimeter has been given the US stamp of approval by winning the Industrial Hygiene category of the prestigious Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) magazine’s 2013 New Product of the Year Awards.

The robust SV104, which was entered by Svantek’s North American distributor Sensidyne, was recognised for being the world’s most advanced instrument of its kind with features including:     


  • Real-time octave band analysis that provides the data required for selection of personal hearing protection
  • Three independent dosimeter profiles that allow the performance of multiple surveys at the same time
  • Audio recording for peak or threshold noise source identification
  • A MEMS buy phentermine with paypal tri-axial vibration sensor that detects possible impacts
  • A durable MEMS microphone for greater shock resistance
  • A colour OLED display for ease of reading in dim light or direct sunlight
  • Powerful Supervisor software included for easy management


Glenn Warr, Sensidyne Vice President, said: “We are honoured to receive an award that recognizes the advanced features and capability found in the Svantek SV 104 The SV 104 gives safety professionals the edge they require to make accurate decisions for conserving the hearing of workers and with less effort than previous methods.”


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