svantekmobileNew Android application offers remote operation of SVAN 977 and SVAN 979 sound level meters for environmental and occupational noise & vibration monitoring

Svantek (tel: 01296 682040; – world leading manufacturer of occupational health and environmental noise and vibration monitoring instrumentation – has announced the launch of SvanMobile. This exciting new Android ‘app’ has been designed for use with the company’s high performance SVAN 977B and SVAN 979 sound level meters.

Using the built in Bluetooth functionality of the Android smartphone or tablet, Svantek’s SvanMobile allows remote operation of the company’s high performance SVAN 977B and SVAN 979 sound level meters when making general acoustic measurements or monitoring environmental and occupational noise and vibration. Users can set up and then control the meter using the app.

SvanMobile enables the user to link measurement files from the sound level meter to media from smartphones such as images, videos and audio notes, as well as location and meteorological data. It is also possible to use SvanMobile to connect to the sound level meter over the internet if it has a GPRS modem or WiFi.

John Shelton, Managing Director at Svantek comments: “This is a significant development for Svantek. For devices running on Android platform, SvanMobile helps extend the functionalities of the SVAN 977B and SVAN 979 sound level meters. Plus anyone who monitors noise in the environment will appreciate being able to build a project around their sound level measurements by adding weather data and GPS positions.”

Svantek’s SVAN 977B and SVAN 979 instruments are robust, reliable, accurate and easy to use and capable of type 1 IEC 61672:2002 buy phentermine diet pills online sound level measurements and acceleration, velocity and displacement vibration monitoring. Both models offer a variety of key features: all weather microphone protection, hand held, lightweight and robust case, real time FFT analysis, advanced data logging and advanced trigger and alarm functions.

In addition, data is stored on a standard micro SD card and easily downloaded to a PC using SvanPC++ software over USB interface.

A key feature of these sound level meters is being able to disconnect the microphone preamplifier and use them for vibration measurements. The instruments also have two high-speed digital signal processors meaning they are capable of measuring 2ms steps of time history, logged simultaneously to audio recording (with 48 kHz sampling) and real time frequency analysis.

As Svantek’s flagship sound & vibration level meter and analyser, the SVAN 979 is one of the most advanced and powerful single channel instruments on the market. It offers 1/1, 1/3, 1/6 and 1/12 octave real time analysis and features a large, super contrast OLED display with excellent visibility in all light conditions. The SVAN 979 also has a large dynamic range of measurement – over 110dB – and incorporates a high quality G.R.A.S. 40AE microphone for measurement in frequency ranges starting as low as 3HZ.

The SVAN 977 is a new generation sound & vibration level meter and analyser offering 1/1 or 1/3 octave real time analysis. Exceptional hardware design enables ultra sound measurements up to 40 kHz.

For product information please contact:
tel: 01296 682040