Free e-book explaining the five biggest Noise at Work mistakes.

Cirrusfree e-book explaining the five biggest Noise at Work mistakes made by employersNoise monitoring experts Cirrus Research have launched a free e-book explaining the five biggest Noise at Work mistakes made by employers.

It’s also a step-by-step guide to completing a Noise At Work Risk Assessment, taking you through the necessary regulations, pitfalls and potential noise monitoring instruments to get the job done.

Cirrus aims to take the pain out of the process with its edition of 5 Biggest Noise at Work Mistakes and How to Fix Them, collated by their own in-house experts.

It is ideal for those just setting out on the first noise risk assessment; taking the reader all the way from the Control of Noise At Work Regulations 2005 through to making accurate readings so potential noise buy phentermine topix risks in the workplace can be addressed.

By following the best practice guidelines will help to ensure compliance with the Regulations and avoid liability from the HSE as well as potential compensation claims from Personal Injury Lawyers under ‘Industrial Deafness’.


What’s in the Noise At Work Guide:

·         Why we need to measure noise at work

·         What you need to do to comply with the Regulations

·         How to start a noise risk assessment in your workplace

·         What to consider when choosing the right equipment

·         Avoiding common measurement mistakes

·         Ensuring your readings are accurate and compliant

·         Tips for reducing workplace noise


The ebook is free to download by visiting


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