Recurring dust problem eliminated at Thompson Aero Seating

Thompson Aero Seating is recognized for its cutting edge design, engineering and manufacture of premium business-class, full flat-bed airline seating. Their bespoke solutions maximize passengers’ personal space and, through intelligent design, they optimize every inch of the cabin. An on-going exploration of new concepts, materials and technologies by their team of designers and engineers ensures that Thompson Aero are always at the forefront of product development.

The Problem
As part of their manufacturing process, there has been a recurring dust problem as a result of rough cutting plastics. The dust created both quality and safety hazards as the dust settled on operator’s clothing. A number of different options were tried in an attempt to eliminate this issue, but none of these worked successfully.

The Solution
Following an internet search for solutions for personnel de-dusting, Thompson Aero stumbled upon a previous ACI JetBlack testimonial that referred to a similar problem experienced by the RNLI. In this instance employees were having issues with removing glass and carbon fibre reinforced composite dust from work-clothing and had installed a Personnel order phentermine phentermine Cleaning Booth.

Thompson Aero had previously ruled out the use of compressed air systems due to the many hazards associated with it, but they were particularly impressed with the JetBlack as the product complied with strict OSHA safety standards. The Jet Black system uses fan technology, not compressed air, to generate the airflow but operates on the principle of low pressure, high volume airflow so it is completely safe to use against human skin.

“ACI initially supplied a JetBlack to trial and we found it performed so well we decided we would use them in other areas where we had similar problems. We have since purchased a further 6 systems” states Jonathan Morgan, Health and Safety Officer for Thompson Aero Seating. He continues “We would have no hesitation in recommending the JetBlack to others with a personnel de-dusting problem, but don’t take our word for it give it a trial.”


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