New ‘Assure’ SOS Tracker from Watchovers Offers Great Value for Lone Workers

Latest model from WatchOvers proves there’s no need for budget-conscious mobile tech fans to compromise on quality.

Make way for a new slim mobile watch phone, specially designed to be budget friendly and easy to use. Offering GPS and SOS technology alongside a series of exceptional features, the Assure represents the next frontier in modern mobile watch phones. It is stand alone phone bypassing the need for the wearer to also carry a mobile phone or any other device.

Originally designed with dementia patients` and children in mind the ‘Assure SOS Tracker’ has now been noticed as a fantastic product for Lone Workers and people that work in vulnerable jobs

Slim, at only 13mm, and easy to wear, the device is suitable for use by all ages, giving them the freedom and peace of mind which comes from knowing the capabilities of both a mobile phone and an SOS alarm are securely fastened to their wrists. Controlled by a free smartphone app, the Assure offers cutting edge features, including:

  • An SOS emergency alarm, allowing users to call their contact lists whilst also sending an alert message to registered users – ideal for Lone or Vunerable Workers elderly owners seeking continued Safety.
  • Real-time GPS tracking, with automatic location updates every sixty seconds
  • Geo-zones create virtual outdoor boundaries to keep where to buy phentermine 37.5 mg tablets vulnerable users safe, with automatic boundary breach alerts to connected devices.

With low power consumption and the ability to set multiple alarms for medical or general reminders, users can rest assured they’ll be getting reliability as well as usability.

The new ‘Shake Shake’ capability also allows sociable Assure owners to share their contact details with a fellow user and enable voice messaging,

whilst multi-user capability allows everyone to get the best out of this amazing piece of kit.

Eamonn O’Connor, CEO of WatchOvers, says the affordable price of the Assure represents a real breakthrough in the cost of ground-breaking digital tech, “This is an excellent product at an incredible price. At only £69.99, the Assure costs 30% less than our first model. We’re delighted to be able to offer such advanced technology at an astonishingly low price.”

The Assure Watch is the new slim GPS mobile watch phone featuring advanced technology at a superb price. WatchOvers supplies two key pieces of wearable tech: the Liberty watch phone and the new Assure watch phone. The tech offers freedom to the wearer and peace of mind, making it perfect for lone workers as well as the elderly and young children.

Find out more about the new Assure model by heading to or e-mail for more information.