Noise Assessments – Free Benchmark Report Templates

Industrial Noise & Vibration Centre reportsMost noise reports are not worth the paper they are written on (to paraphrase an HSE survey) and industry currently wastes a fortune on assessments that are often little more than placebo check-box “write only report” exercises.

The solution is to use the benchmark Digital Noise Assessment (DNA) template documentation to eliminate much of the time consuming and tedious process of report writing. This is a high quality report structure in a template Word document complete with technical notes and graphics that the INVC has made available free under an open source licence.

The key benefits include not only faster reporting and benchmark quality, but also format consistency over time which makes updates and the extraction of historical data much easier, saving time and money. The Action Plan format also facilitates and tracks the implementation of recommendations.

Peter Wilson, (technical director) commented “As the major provider of noise competency training in the UK, we see a lot of reports. The quality has been so dire and so depressing that we decided we had to try to do something about it – so we have phentermine online illegal released our templates into the wild…”

Adding Self-Financing Noise Control Options

A major flaw in most noise assessment reports is a failure to comply with the regulatory requirement to provide information on the costs and benefits associated with implementing best practice in noise control. DNA highlights some of the latest developments in noise control technology that can make noise control self-financing surprisingly often.

Examples range from yoghurt based burner noise control (seriously – an adapted blackcurrant yoghurt pot was used to knock 16dB off boiler noise), to power presses (£20 worth of “Millennium Bridge” style vibration absorbers inside the guards in place of an enclosure), to high hygiene applications that doubled throughput and how to save a fortune in compressed air.

Noise Control Audits (engineering evaluations of the options with costs) to determine what is possible are available as an add-on service to standard risk assessments. Major noise control project options can often even be evaluated anywhere on the planet over the internet using locally acquired data.

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