SvantekdosemeterATEX and IECEx approvals means well-proven instrument can now be used in potentially explosive atmospheres including mines and petrochemical plants

Svantek (tel: 01296 682040; – world leading manufacturer of occupational health and environmental noise and vibration monitoring instrumentation – has launched the new ATEX and IECEx Intrinsically Safe (IS) SV104 personal noise dosimeter for use in potentially explosive work environments. To support this high performance instrument, the company is offering free octave band and audio record until the end of the year.

Svantek’s IS SV104 is a cable-free personal noise dosimeter and can be easily attached to the user’s shoulder, close to the ear using assorted mounting clips.  It sets a new benchmark in personal noise measurement by offering a wide range of unrivalled features including octave band analysis for helping to select hearing protection and audio recording.

The full colour OLED screen displays information in both text and graphical form plus offers excellent visibility even in full daylight. Svantek’s SV104 also incorporates a virtually indestructible cheap phentermine with free shipping MEMS microphone enabling easy calibration using most commonly available acoustic calibrators and inbuilt tri-axial accelerometer for vibration shock detection.

Measurement data is safely stored in the large eight GB memory and the instrument works with Svantek’s specialist Supervisor health and safety software package. It is powered using built-in rechargeable batteries or through the USB interface which also enables easy connection between the SV104 and a PC.

John Shelton, Managing Director at Svantek comments: “The original SV104 was a revolutionary new approach to occupational health and safety noise monitoring offering voice comments and audio events recording functions which were a new concept in an instrument of this size. It has been a tremendous success with customers quick to recognise its superior functionality, value for money and accurate and reliable measurement capability.

He continues: “Getting ATEX and IECEx approval for the SV104 was the obvious next step and will help open up previously untapped business in global markets such as petrochemical, oil and gas and mining.”