Banking on Grip Rock

The Dutch bank Rabobank Nijkerk in Amersfoort has recently solved a major safety problem with slip resistant Grip Rock matting. The bank had a serious issue with customers slipping on the ceramic tiled ramp which leads up to the entrance. The problem was particularly acute with rain and snow.

To solve the problem, Dutch Plastex distributor, Madico recommended and installed Grip Rock, the high performance all-weather solution which is both quick and easy to install. This is one of a range of mattings supplied by Plastic Extruders.

Grip Rock is a unique safety matting originally designed for dangerous frying areas in kitchens, fast food outlets and other locations where there is an extreme risk of slipping. The matting has a very low 3mm profile and is manufactured to the highest phentermine 37.5 cheap online specification based on the DIN51130 standard. Its R13 rating is the best possible for slip resistance measured on an angled slope of over 35 degrees.

Constructed in three layers, Grip Rock comprises a tough and durable wearing surface made with ceramic and crushed garnet beads, a fibreglass interlayer to provide strength and a polyurethane backing which grips the floor and restricts creep.  The matting is available in 12m long x 91cm wide rolls and also in 1.5m x 91cm individual modules.

Samples and information about the full range of Plastex mattings are available from Plastic Extruders Ltd (tel 01268 571116) or visit

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