25 years of cleaner, healthier working environments!

It is 25 years since Widespread Solutions first started to supply a small range of Spraybooths into Design Technology and Art and Craft departments in schools and colleges up and down the country. Today they are a specialist manufacturer and supplier of over 40 desk and bench top extraction and filtration units which are used to control and remove airborne hazards such as dust, airbrush and aerosol paints, adhesive sprays and solvent and solder fumes.

These benchtop units provide ideal workstations for solvent and gas removal and are specifically designed for use within electronic design and rework buying phentermine no prescription needed areas, dental and medical laboratories, R & D in manufacturing and education as well as NDT and conservation laboratories plus many, many more.

Whether you need to remove hazards caused by conformal coatings, solvent cleaners, general chemical gases and vapours or particulates from fine powder, solders, aerosol adhesives and fixatives, you can be sure that WS Ltd will have the right solution for your requirements.

Contact them now to find out how they can solve your air contamination problems as they look forward to the next 25 years!

T: 01423 522836 F: 01423 525656 E: sales@widespreadsolutions.co.uk W: www.widespreadsolutions.co.uk

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