William Harvey Hospital plays it safe with ParAid Medical

William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent, has updated its neo-natal care products to include additional bespoke incubator trolleys from specialist medical equipment manufacturer, ParAid Medical.

Two custom-made paediatric and neonatal trolleys were purchased by the hospital to be used to ensure the safe transfer of hundreds of critically-ill

infants and young patients via its ambulance services.  Trolleys will also be used to safely transfer patients between the childrens’ intensive care unit, operating theatres and other emergency departments. Gill, Cloherty, Clinical Technologist for NICU and Child Health at William Harvey Hospital, said:

“Over 500 patients each year will require transfer in a specialist trolley while they are treated at our hospital.  Our patients, their families and our hospital staff trust the hospital to provide equipment for care that will be safe, user-friendly and fit for purpose allowing medical teams to deliver the high standard of care our hospital is known order phentermine from canada for.  After trying multitudes of hospital care products we have repeatedly found that ParAid Medical supplies us with robust and quality items we can rely on to help us to carry on serving our patients well.”

Darryl Smith, Operations Director at ParAid Medical, said: “Safety is an essential ingredient in daily hospital care and we understand that our products are integral in keeping very young patients safe.  We always keep safety in mind when developing, updating and manufacturing all of our products.  It is a privilege to be a regular supplier of critical care transfer products at William Harvey Hospital, which allow hospital teams to continue to save lives and keep all patients safe during transfers both on and off-site.”

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For more information about ParAid Medical, please contact Katie Graczyk or Bailey Lamburn on 0121 456 3199 or email: Katie.Graczyk@smarts.co.uk orBailey.Lamburn@smarts.co.uk

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