UK Door and window company the perfect alternative to compressed air

Formed in March 2003, and operating originally from a small Industrial Unit on the outskirts of Rochdale, Performance Doorset Solutions ( or PDS was initially established to service the Construction Industry with purpose made GRP Doorsets.

Founded against a background of longstanding experience within the joinery sector and identifying quality, service and value as key cornerstones to its development, PDS has rapidly become a market leader in this sector and moved into a purpose-built location in Littleborough, Lancashire. Here there is room for the company to expand, something which has recently been boosted by adding Timber Doorsets, Timber Windows and made to measure joinery.

The Issue
During the manufacturing process of many of their window and door products, the use of word cutting, routing and sanding machinery is leading their operator’s clothing to get covered in wood dust.

Prior to ACI’s involvement PDS were using a combination of brushes and compressed air safety nozzles for clean down, but a recent ‘target zero’ initiative introduced by their Health and Safety Department put an end to this and completely banned the use of compressed air due to its potential dangers.

However, with a need to find a safe alternative for their buy phentermine usa employees, Steve Davis (Production Manager, and Health & Safety Officer) was tasked with finding a solution.

The Answer
After discussing the issues and receiving a recommendation from a colleague from another site, ACI’s JetBlack Cleaning Station was put forward for consideration. ACI were contacted and soon after carried out an on-site visit and a product demonstration. Because of this Steve was quickly convinced the JetBlack would not only solve the issue of safely removing the dust from employees clothing but also pass H&S scrutiny.
“ACI’s response to our request was almost immediate and by having an on-site demo, my colleagues and I were all given a great chance to evaluate the product and its benefits.”

“PDS installed the JetBlack Blower within the worst dust- affected area of our site. Because it’s a far safer and cleaner way of reducing dust that is carried into other buildings and vehicles, we have now installed a further 3 units. Its been a win-win situation as both Health and Safety are happy, and our employees are happy!” Steve concludes.

Contact Details:

ACI, Weycroft Avenue, Millwey Rise Industrial Estate, Axminster, EX13 5HU, UK

Matthew Forknall / Sales & Marketing Director
Tel:+44 (0)1297 529242