Hitch and go with the new SnowEx spreader trailer

Broadwood International, UK and European distributor of SnowEx salt and grit spreaders, has further improved the V-Maxx range this season with the introduction of the VMT-250 trailer.  Offering fully road legal specifications, including brakes, suspension, lighting and hand brake, the VMT-250 trailer is designed to carry the SP-7550 and SP-8500 spreaders from the SnowEx V-Maxx range.

“Where the VMT-250 trailer really scores is when it’s used in conjunction with a pick-up or 4×4,” says Roy Wolfenden, general manager of Broadwood International.  “Using a SnowEx spreader on the pick-up bed is fine for some applications, but maintenance contractors appreciate the fact that by using a trailer you free up the vehicle load bed for other duties.  For example you can carry a full load of salt or grit, which effectively doubles up your spreading capacity as you already have the spreader full of material.”

Teamed up with the new trailer, V-Maxx spreaders are ideal for councils, airports, hospital car parks, MOD bases, and maintenance contractors, and retain the unique SnowEx phentermine without rx features of on-the-move in-cabin control of spread width and rates, even when mounted on the VMT-250 trailer.  V-Maxx spreaders are the flagship range from SnowEx, designed to perform in the most demanding conditions, and, as Roy Wolfenden states, “when you use the VMT-250 trailer with a spreader you can be ready to spread in minutes – no mounting up – just hitch to the towing vehicle and get spreading.”  This feature alone makes the VMT-250 invaluable for operators needing to get out and spread with minimal downtime.

All SnowEx spreaders feature polyethylene hoppers, which mean no more corrosion worries and a lighter weight without sacrificing payload capacity, while powerful 12v motors drive industrial grade spinners, augers and vibrator systems to give a steady flow of material.  With hopper capacities from 1200 litre in the SP-7550 to a mammoth 3200 litre in the SP-9500, the V-Maxx series offers a solution for all larger salt spreading requirements, winter after winter.

Contact Broadwood International on 01420 478111 or visit www.snowexeurope.com

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