GLOBUS SKYTEC ARIAThe Aria glove, from the Globus Skytec range, has achieved top marks for EU standard EN 388:2003, providing added reassurance to customers of their protection from mechanical risk. The glove, which has a NFT™ nitrile foam palm, recently achieved 25,000 cycles in the EN 388 abrasion resistance test.

The test by an independent research and testing organisation, was carried out to quantify wearer claims that the gloves simply lasted and lasted….far beyond anything they’d ever used before.

This result confirmed Aria as level 4 for abrasion resistance – the maximum that can be achieved in accordance with EN 388:2003. However, unlike standard EN 388 testing, the company continued with the abrasion test to see just how long the glove would last. After 25,000 cycles the machine was shut down, though the glove was still up to the challenge! To put this test result into context, the minimum number of cycles needed to achieve the highest phentermine 37.5 mg for cheap level (4) abrasion resistance is only 8,000.

Complimented by features such as exceptional breathability and comfort, the additional durability highlights Skytec Aria as a glove that workers are happy to wear for long periods when carrying out a multitude of manual handling tasks, in dry, wet or oily environments – dramatically reducing expensive down time and improving productivity.

Commenting about the result, Steve Shale, Marketing Manager for Globus said, “We know that our customers who currently use Aria have been extremely pleased with the glove’s all round performance, as well as the value that it offers. In the abrasion test itself, the machine itself was shut down after 25,000 cycles, so who knows just how far it could have gone!”

Skytec Aria, the multi-purpose glove with a nitrile foam palm that goes on and on and on.

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