Lifeloc Technologies Announces the Sentinel™ ‘Breath Alcohol Screening’ Access Control System

A new automated Alcohol Screening System promises to reduce industrial fatalities and accidents linked to alcohol consumption. Sentinel was developed for “zero tolerance” alcohol screening in the oil and gas, mining and construction industries.

Lifeloc Technologies, a leading American manufacturer of professional breath alcohol testers today announced the launch of the Sentinel™ breath alcohol access control system. The automated monitoring system performs high volume “zero tolerance” screening of employees, visitors or contractors in safety sensitive industries such as mining, construction, and oil and gas. Up to 40 percent of all industrial fatalities are linked to alcohol consumption and the percentage of industrial accidents where alcohol is a factor is even higher. Lifeloc works with employers and third party testing administrators to improve workplace safety through effective alcohol education, testing and deterrent programs.

Said Kelly Silverman, Lifeloc Director of Product Management, “The Sentinel was developed in response to requests from the mining industry for cost-effective, high volume “zero tolerance” screening of employees. The deterrent effect of existing alcohol testing programs phentermine online us such as pre-employment, post accident and random pre-shift breathalyzer testing can be greatly enhanced with the Sentinel.”

The Sentinel™ is fast, completely automated and totally non-invasive. No straws, mouthpieces or workforce training is required. The employee simply blows at the breath collector cone and a “positive” or “negative” result for alcohol is delivered almost instantly.

The new alcohol screening system can be stand-alone or sequenced with existing turnstiles, time clocks and other employee access control systems. The rugged design and platinum fuel cell alcohol sensing technology ensure long working life. Additionally, the unit is designed to be easily calibrated in place without having to take the unit out of service.

The Sentinel™ is available now through the Lifeloc network of domestic and international distributors. For more information, email us at sales(at)lifeloc(dot)com or visit

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