Fall protection specialist, Kee Safety has expanded its KeeLine® range with a new overhead life line system, designed to support two users carrying out essential maintenance at height.

KeeLine® Overhead is a personal protection phentermine 37.5 hcg system that is mounted directly above the user for applications including vehicle loading, machine and maintenance access, building maintenance and overhead crane access.

The system comprises an 8mm Gr.316 stainless steel wire and durable electro-polished brackets.  Two permanently attached wheeled travellers can be configured to allow single or multiple spans of up to 24m for use by up to two users. The brackets are installed directly onto suitable structures, including steel and concrete, and allow the traveller to run smoothly over those placed intermediatelyalong the wire.  It also incorporates patented KeeLine® Shock Absorbers which limit the end loads to the structure.

“It is often the case that contractors are working on sites where it is not possible to have a protection system along the surface due to minimal available fall distance, and an overhead solution is required” explains Jeff Rowley, Kee Safety’s Fall Protection Product Manager. “The fittings have been produced to a high quality to eliminate the need for regular maintenance.  The systems also incorporate Self Retracting Lifelines which lock and minimise the impact in the event of a fall.”

KeeLine® Overhead meets the requirements of International standards, and has been independently tested to conform with EN795 class C.

The KeeLine® range also includes a horizontal life line system. Designed as a flexible, cost-effective and continuous fall protection solution, featuring hot dip galvanised `top-fix’ roof anchors, it is ideal for use by working teams carrying out essential rooftop maintenance tasks.

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