ladderassociationLadder Association welcomes simplified HSE ladder guidance

Earlier this year the Ladder Association welcomed the decision by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) not to change the Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) following HSE’s completion of the review recommended by Professor Ragnar Lofstedt.

In particular, the association welcomed the introduction of HSE’s revised and simplified guidance: INDG455 ‘Safe use of ladders and stepladders – A brief guide’ (formerly INDG402 & 3). This follows HSE’s conclusion that where problems existed with the application of the Regulations, they arose from the misinterpretation of the Regulations rather than from the Regulations themselves.

The new guidance, developed in conjunction with the Ladder Association and other principal stakeholders, is unambiguous. It makes clear, subject to risk assessment, that ladders remain a sensible and practical option in the workplace – and that if it’s right to use a ladder, to use the right ladder and to use it safely.

Comments Ladder Association chairman, Cameron Clow: “Ladders are a versatile and invaluable piece of workplace equipment but, like all other forms of access equipment, there are some common sense rules for using them safely. It’s all about sensible and proportionate management of the risks.”

“Fortunately, we now have phentermine 37.5 take some straightforward, easy-to-understand guidance from HSE that confirms and reinforces this message and, at the same time, provides advice on the often simple, but sensible, precautions that those using ladders and stepladders should take to keep safe and avoid falls from height.”

“More often than not, these falls are caused by inappropriate or incorrect use, which is why the Ladder Association manages and delivers a national training scheme for users, supervisors and managers wanting to equip themselves with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to use ladders safely and productively. Encouragingly, delegate numbers are now at an all time high.”

Steps and Step Stools is the latest training course from the association which addresses the needs of occasional users of steps and step stools in shops, offices, schools and the health sector. The course covers everything from the law, relevant standards and the latest guidance, through to potential hazards and storing and handling steps and step stools in the workplace. Lasting a minimum of 2.5 hours and including four distinct assessment activities, successful candidates receive a Ladder Association certificate and LadderCard.

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