GENIE® GS™ scissor lifts now offer indoor/outdoor flexibility for customers in emear

New standard dual zone control specification on all models boosts productivity

ROOSENDAAL, THE NETHERLANDS  – In compliance with the latest European (EN 280), ANSI A92 (United States) and CSA B354 (Canada) standards requirements, Genie® GS slab scissor lifts offered in EMEAR (Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia) will now be spec’d with a new Genie Smart Link dual zone control feature. Available in 2020, these new global-spec Genie scissor lifts will offer operators the ability to perform indoor, as well as outdoor tasks, with restricted maximum platform height, using a single Genie GS machine. For rental companies, as a result of complying with global standards, the new commonalities in design, features, options and accessories across the full Genie GS slab scissor lift range will simplify the rental process and increase rental opportunities.

Zach Gilmor, Genie Product Manager Terex AWP, EMEAR says: “For Genie, a standard global offering has several benefits for our customers in EMEAR.”  He explains: “For rental companies, design commonality limits rental fleet complexity, and the addition of the new dual zone control system will help rental companies increase machine utilization, boosting their rental returns on invested capital (rROIC).”

He adds: “For operators, the ability to switch between indoor or outdoor applications enables them to perform multiple tasks using one machine, saving time and increasing productivity. For ease of operation, the Genie Smart Link dual zone control system is very intuitive, allowing operators in EMEAR to work inside or outdoors with the push of a button.”

Customers in EMEAR will be able to identify the new dual zone controlled Genie GS slab scissor lifts in two ways: First, from the platform control that will include two additional buttons – “Indoor” and “Outdoor” selections – and second, from the platform toeboard, where a new Genie Smart Link decal will indicate the dual zone control feature.

Genie GS global-spec scissor lifts go into production in late 2019 and will be available in EMEAR in early 2020. Gilmor adds: “Our Genie GS slab scissor lifts are currently produced in Redmond, Wash., USA, and Changzhou, China. Since the design and manufacturing processes for these models will be identical worldwide, we will be able to optimize our manufacturing footprint, gaining flexibility to adapt to global demand.

“For customers in EMEAR,” Gilmor finishes, “this will result in simplifying the ordering process. And, customers in EMEAR can rest assured that they will continue to benefit from the same local options for fitting services that they currently know via our pre-delivery inspection centres in the region.”