Use the FORCE 8!

JSP Ltd has just launched its new lightweight half mask, the FORCE 8™.  It is fully adjustable and is ergonomically designed to face-fit a wider range of head profiles.

The mask is fitted with JSP’s Typhoon™ Valve Technology – the extremely low exhale breathing resistance ensures hot air is expelled most efficiently whilst lowering CO2 build-up to give improved comfort and reduced wearer fatigue.  The mask is certified to EN 140:1998

The mask is manufactured using latest moulding technologies enabling reduced weight whilst also ensuring a balanced and robust fit to the face.  FORCE 8™ cartridges are easily fitted with a simple bayonet twist.  The cartridges rather phentermine 37.5 mg ingredients than the mask itself are fitted with their own integral valve diaphragms so they are replaced on expiry each time giving end users extra assurance on valve performance.  The cartridges are certified for gas and dust as follows.  Gas filters: certified to EN14387: 2004.  Dust filters: certified to EN143: 2000.

The mask is easily broken down to its constituent parts to enable cleaning or autoclaving.

The FORCE 8™ uses latest technologies and ergonomic design principles to provide end users improved protection for longer periods of time in areas such as Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction.

More information is available from ,by e-mailing

or calling (0)1993 826050.

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