Draeger Polytron 7000 Passes Formal Evaluation

Draeger Safety is proud to have passed a formal evaluation of its Polytron 7000 Oxygen and Toxic Gas Detector by the British Nuclear Industry Smart Instruments Working Group.  The evaluation included quality control and assurance, proven in-use data of the instrument and production methods for both the hardware and software elements of the transmitter.

The Draeger Polytron 7000, with self-diagnostic functions that ensure that no failures go unreported or are missed, has been classified as suitable for use as a SIL 1 (Safety Integrity Level) instrument under IEC61508, Electric Electrical and Programmable Electronic Equipment used in Safety Systems.

Adding Value with Draeger

As even more emphasis is being placed on the need to maintain safety whilst still saving time and money, lifetime ownership costs have become a crucial element in the selection process.  Thanks to advanced technology which has lowered maintenance and calibration requirements, both costs and system downtime can now be significantly reduced.

Combining reliability with cost effective operation, the modular Draeger  Polytron 7000 is a prime example of how Draeger systems can bring phentermine 37.5 no prescription buy online added value and peace of mind to nuclear applications.  With enhanced flexibility it also offers ease of use, reduced maintenance and minimal system downtime to any application requiring intrinsically safe gas detection.

Pre-calibrated for easy operation, the Draeger range of electrochemical sensors incorporate “plug-and-play” technology.  The sensor is simply plugged in and the detector is ready to use with no further intervention from the operator.  Replacing a sensor is equally easy and, because of their large size and accuracy, the sensors offer a very long life, with calibration intervals of up to one year to further enhance the cost reducing benefits.

Draeger Fire and Gas Detection Systems offers products, services and system solutions for all encompassing toxic, flammable and oxygen detection, flame detection and design, build, commission and maintenance of fire and gas detection systems for protection of personnel and assets.

Further information is available from Customer Services, Draeger Safety UK Limited, Ullswater Close, Blyth Riverside Business Park, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 4RG.  Tel: 01670 561413.  Fax: 01670 544475.

Email: gds@draeger.com, or visit www.draeger.com

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