Desksurfer Answers A real Need!

The Desksurfer has been designed to answer the need for working over desks.  It is quick and simple to use, made of robust aluminium alloy which makes it light and easy to manoeuvre, compact in size so will pass through doors and go into small lifts. The platform has an outreach of 900mm to “surf over” desks, providing an easy hands reach of 1200mm, from the leading edge of the desk, to light fittings etc., The strong vertical mast, with ladder rungs is height adjustable.  Platform heights are from 875mm and depending on the model will provide reach heights from 3.5m to 6.0m. All Desksurfers have an option to be flat packed for transportation and there are other options like: – adjustable legs for uneven floors; seat/tool tray; insulated top handrails; insulated (rated) platform mat, to name some.

Spec., for DESKSURFER Model 42 UM & FM (Upright Mast & Folding Mast)

The mast is telescopic and the Desksurfer platform can be raised by using the built-in winch from platform heights: –

Model 42UM:   Platform Height Range   0.875m – to – 2.240m (incremental in 273mm rung intervals)

Reach Height Range        2.875m – to – 4.240m  (based on 2m reach height)

Model 42FM:    Platform Height Range   0.955m – to – 2.320m (incremental in 273mm rung intervals)

Reach Height Range        2.955m – to – 4.320m  (based on 2m reach height)


The Folding Mast option is normally specified for units needing to be transported in van type vehicles.

The Model 42’s are best suited for most office ceiling applications with floor to ceiling heights up to 4.2m.  Additionally, the platform height adjustment is easily achieved by one person operating the winch.

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