Cirrus Research Gains European Type Approval for Optimus Sound Level Meters

Cirrus Research has recently obtained Type Approval to the NF EN 61672-1:2003 standard from the LNE in France. The tests carried out on the Optimus are as specified in the NF EN 61672-2:2003 standard for the Class 1 versions of the Optimus Red and Optimus Green instruments.

The tests carried out by the LNE look to exam an instrument against a set of recognised and published standards to ensure that it meets the performance claims of the manufacturer. The process of Type Approval provides an independent verification from a recognised national testing organisation that the product meets the claimed specifications.

These new certifications in France are in addition to those already carried out by the Optimus from the PTB in Germany and Applus+ in Spain to ensure they are to the appropriate buy phentermine blue version of the latest standard for sound level meters.

Commenting on obtaining the Europe approval, James Tingay, Group Marketing Manager said: “We are dedicated to ensuring that our products meet the very highest level of performance and are compliant with the latest international standards, hence why we have put all our resources into obtaining such Type Approvals.”

The Optimus range of sound level meters features the Optimus Red and Optimus Green instruments which can be used for noise measurement in a variety of settings. The Optimus Red has been designed for the measurement of occupational and industrial hygiene noise, whilst the Optimus Green is ideal to be used for both environmental and occupational noise applications.

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