Cirrus Research celebrate largest overseas order in history of the company

Cirrus Research has secured the biggest order in its 46-year history, supplying noise monitoring equipment to an Indian police force.

The Yorkshire-based noise monitoring specialists, which manufactures and supplies a range of personal and environmental noise monitoring devices, clinched two contracts almost simultaneously after a tough international tender process.

The team is supplying the Maharashtra Police force in India with 627 of its Optimus Red sound level meters, all due to be shipped out before Christmas.

Maharashtra Police is the law enforcement agency responsible for the Indian state and is headquartered in Mumbai. It is one of the largest police forces in the country with over 190,000 officers, made up of around 35 district police units. Maharashtra is in the western region of India, the third-largest state with the world’s second-most populated regions. It has over 112 million inhabitants with Mumbai alone home to 18 million residents.

The Optimus Red kits will be used for a variety of functions, including the monitoring of noise pollution on the region’s cityscapes, congested roads, as well as at festivals and street celebrations. The Optimus Red was selected as it is perfectly suited to the multitude of tasks ahead.

Key functionality: Fast, Slow & Impulse Time Weightings; dB(A), dB(C) and dB(Z) phentermine online nz Frequency Weightings included; real-time 1:1 Octave Band Filters (optional); VoiceTagTM voice note recording; AuditStoreTM measurement verification; high resolution colour OLED display and back-lit keypad; measures up to 140dB(A) and 143dB(C) peak with a single 120dB measurement range; pause & back erase as standard; 4GB memory with the option of expanding up to 32GB and a long battery life.

Said Cirrus Research Managing Director Daren Wallis: “This is a very significant order for us, the largest ever received in our history. The fact we had less than 4 four weeks to send out the first consignment was challenging but we managed to turn it around, which led to the second order following on immediately.

“We are a global company that supplies noise monitoring equipment around the world and we’re delighted to be furthering our work with the Indian police authorities who are making a substantial investment to tackle the issue of noise pollution across their vast and very diverse regions.”

With more than 45 years’ experience, Cirrus Research, develop, manufacture and supply their leading range of noise monitoring products to clients across the globe, including the UK, Europe, the Americas, Far East and Australia.

Daren is pictured with Cirrus’ Export Sales Manager Jonathan Phillips.