Cedrec delivers H&S and environmental advice to leading transport organisation

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 19.53.13The UK’s leading centre of excellence for transport research, consultancy and product testing is improving the quality and reliability of its H&S and environmental management systems after bringing in experts Cedrec to produce and oversee its legal registers.

The move is enabling TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) to stay ahead of changes in legislation and step-up to a more proactive footing when strategically planning long term compliance with the requirements of British standards, specifically ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

With 330 staff, TRL has its headquarters just outside Wokingham, with offices in Wales, Scotland, the Middle East and Africa.

It works with organisations from within the public and private sector around the globe providing research, consultancy and testing on a range of transport related issues including: safety; vehicles; rail; environment; sustainability; climate change; infrastructure; urban  traffic and network management, software; and other related specialisms.

The company now sees the subscription and consultancy services provided by Cedrec, which it has been taking since March 2012, as integral to the operation of its company-wide H&S and environmental management systems and works closely with the Cedrec team based at its Sunderland offices.

Safety, health and environment manager Jon Harper-Slade, who is responsible for providing advice and strategic support on occupational H&S and environmental matters across TRL’s sites, says his company’s now in a much more robust position since accessing Cedrec’s expertise.

Cedrec provides support through the production of registers of legislation, subscription bulletins and advice on other relevant issues that TRL might otherwise have difficulty in fully understanding in connection with the maintenance of, and compliance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 systems.

“Before Cedrec, the service we used was a passive one. Although this was acceptable, it didn’t add any value and we wanted a partner who could really get to grips with our requirements, better understand us as a business and deliver a far more proactive service to achieve genuine benefits.

“Cedrec is very good and provides an excellent service. I feel they really understand our business and its expertise in identifying and sifting through H&S and environmental legislation to establish the important information and sections that are relevant to us, has been a welcome boon. We now enjoy a service which is far more proactive and in tune with our requirements, providing real peace-of-mind.”

This service has included Cedrec initially producing a new set of legal registers for TRL, which are now reviewed regularly three phentermine no prescription price times a year – usually following the introduction of a new piece of legislation or directive. The proactive advice and guidance provided also enables TRL to stay a step ahead of the statutory landscape and better develop strategic plans for long term compliance.

This includes, for example, guidance surrounding changes to legislation on the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) and practical advice on completing assessments.

“Cedrec notify us in advance of any changes to COSHH legislation,” said Jon Harper-Slade. “They are then able to interpret these for us before explaining how they will affect our business now and in the future, together with options about how we can comply and the various consequences. This is really valuable because it provides that all important extra point-of-view that adds real value.”

Jon Harper-Slade added that for him the service is ‘almost a living breathing entity’ that makes his job and responsibilities less demanding and easier to undertake.

“Cedrec’s expertise and services make our management systems far more effective and easier to use. The company is a key partner who has become an essential, indispensable part of our operation, working alongside us to achieve demonstrable results.

“Overall, they provide the reassurance that TRL has the information it needs to plan efficiently and effectively for the future and operate successfully and properly in a difficult, complex and ever changing legal and commercial landscape. They employ good people, who are very responsive, trustworthy and offer great value-for-money.”

In the future, Jon Harper-Slade believes standards will only become more complex and difficult for organisations like TRL to comply with. So the adoption of services like those provided by Cedrec can only increase as those with responsibility for environmental and H&S legislation struggle to stay abreast of developments and come to rely more and more on external expertise and support.

He said: “For example, forthcoming changes to ISO14001 will mean that TRL has to comply with more stringent requirements of the standard. So I can only see further reliance on the expertise and services of specialists like Cedrec if we’re to keep up with the changes and the implications they will have for our business and operations.”

Sunderland-based Cedrec specialises in providing public and private sector organisations with help and advice in understanding, interpreting and complying with environmental legislation and regulations. The company offers a range of specialist consultancy and subscriptions services. More also at www.cedrec.com