Bold Lone Worker Platform – Smartphone Apps and Devices

The Bold Locator provides an end-to-end lone worker solution supporting both smartphone apps and a range of devices. For the lone worker, the system provides a flexible and simple way to call for help. At the control room, alerts generated by a phone app or dedicated device enable the operator to view the user’s location as well as listen in to verify the incident. Users can generate check calls before entering potentially hazardous situations which will escalate into SOS alerts when the time period has expired, unless cancelled. Check call handling is managed centrally so that if the phone or device is no longer available, an alert will still be raised in the Bold monitoring system.

Lone worker alerts and operator actions are all managed within the single Bold monitoring interface, regardless of which app or device is used. Tracking, scheduling, asset-pairing and geo-fence features are provided to deliver the complete lone worker solution. For the smartphone app, Bluetooth functionality means that an alert can be raised discreetly and without having to fumble for the handset.

User privacy phentermine 37.5 weight loss settings and scheduling ensure that lone worker monitoring can only happen when it is supposed to. All alarm and operator activity, and audio is recorded and logged in the software. The Bold monitoring platform offers a web portal to allow users to update their own details and reports, subject to permissions.

User training and 24/7 helpdesk is available and supported lone worker devices include – TWIG, Romad, TopTrack and Identicom.

  • Effective protection for all user types
  • Raise instant alarm in the event of threat
  • Global coverage – anywhere with a mobile data network
  • Discreet Bluetooth support
  • Two way audio for verification and support
  • Configurable pre-alarm and duress features
  • Online location mapping and geofences
  • User privacy settings
  • Compliance support for BS8484
  • All activity and audio recorded, and logged, at the control room

The Bold platform is popular across many types of alarm monitoring centres, both commercial ARCs and private control rooms in councils, retailers, universities, healthcare, banks, police and sea ports.

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