Bernstein’s ISO14119 compliant CSMS protects against manipulation

B CSMS Schalter BetaetigerSwitches, sensors and enclosures specialist, Bernstein Ltd, exhibited at the Manufacturing Technologies Association MACH show for the first time earlier this month where it showcased the safety potential of its products to key decision makers from the machine building industry.

Bernstein provides a number of products which are used to ensure the safety of operatives at the point of contact between human and machine. Products including sensors, and safety and limit switches, are used by Machine Tools manufacturers in their initial specifications and can also be fitted retrospectively.

ISO14119 compliant contactless safety monitoring switch (CSMS)

MACH provided an excellent opportunity to highlight the capability of Bernstein’s Contactless Safety Monitoring Switch, CSMS, an electronic safety sensor that monitors safety doors and protective guards to ensure they cannot be manipulated by operators.

CSMS is a prime example of a product developed to meet the highest levels of protection possible – the contactless, uniquely coded communication between sensor and actuator uses RFID technology to offer the highest level of protection (high-level coding) and the highest levels of safety (PLe) and protection against manipulation.

Its excellent self-diagnostic capabilities ensure open safety guards and system errors can be located quickly – when the protective device is opened, a signal is generated by the CSMS that stops the machine and prevents a dangerous restart.

The IP67 rated CSMS is also compliant with the newly revised internationally recognised standard for the safety of machinery with interlocking devices associated with guards, ISO 14119:2013.

ISO14119 has replaced the previous 1998 version and all national standards including EN 1088 in the UK and has been phentermine 37.5 updated to include some of the latest technologies that were not commonplace when the standard was first drafted, including RFID and electromagnetic guard locking, and specifically addresses the issue of ‘defeating’ interlocking guards.

Bernstein Ltd Managing Director, Rob Emms, says, “As a forward-looking company, Bernstein introduced the CSMS to enable customers to future-proof their operations, as well as keeping their operatives safe. It recognised the issue of manipulation and developed the CSMS to offer the highest levels of safety possible.”

Bernstein’s CSMS was awarded third place in the prestigious GIT Security Awards 2014 Safe Automation category. The awards recognise the best three products in five different categories, as voted for by readers of German publication, GIT Security.

Safety seminars

Bernstein in the UK hosts a number of Safety Seminars throughout the year at its West Midlands’ HQ which cover a range of topics including the latest legislation, diagnostics and specific safety functions.

Emms continues, “Machine safety is a huge priority for Bernstein and we are constantly looking at ways of reducing potential risk in the workplace. Our safety seminars are very well attended and delegates leave safe in the knowledge that they’re up to date with the latest industry developments.”

Bernstein Ltd is accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001, evidence of both its commitment to quality and the environment in which it operates.

Visit the company’s brand new website for more details about Bernstein’s products, services and safety seminars, or call the sales team on 01922 715111.