Automotive Component Supplier eradicates compressed air for removing debris

DURA Automotive Systems is an independent designer and manufacturer of automotive components, including control systems, exterior systems and lightweight structural systems. DURA markets its automotive products to Global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), including leading Tier 1 automotive suppliers.

At Dura Automotive Body & Glass Systems, based in Birmingham (UK) they manufacture products that includes Steel and Aluminium Doors, Impact Beams, Glass Encapsulation, Plastic Cappings, Exterior Trim and Electric Park Brakes.

The Problem
Within their large facilities, DURA operative regularly handle a variety of materials that includes glass, plastic, steel and aluminium alloys.

Manufacturing high volume parts from these materials inevitably creates a working environment where machine operators are being frequently exposed to airborne particles and fragments. So dust and swarf can quickly contaminate clothing and even stick to operator’s skin.

“The use of compressed air lines to clean oneself is a disciplinary issue, however some have previously used this”, states Olii Lebrun, Engineering Manager for Dura Automotive. He continues, “As a company dedicated to Health & Safety best practice we searched for a solution that would eradicate the use of compressed air lines for removing this, and any other debris, as it is a dangerous practice phentermine weight loss results with potential to cause gross harm to operators. A safer alternative had to be found”.
The Solution
To address the problem, DURA installed a wall-mounted ACI JetBlack blow-off cleaning station in the work zones that have the highest exposure and / or risk.

“Since the JetBlack system operates on the principle of low pressure, high volume airflow it is categorically safe to use, even directly against human skin. This technology also ensures strict Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA) are responsibly met by the company. The installation of our JetBlack unit ensures all DURA personnel have an effective and efficient way of clean down in the safest possible manner”, continues Oli.
The Outcome
Oli concludes, “The installation of JetBlack cleaning stations has provided the ideal workplace solution for removing dust and debris safely. The ease of use in which the unit operates and functions has been a triumph with all integrated teams and employees. We would highly recommend any company that is currently seeking replacement of compressed air lines to look no further and use ACI JetBlack Cleaning Stations!”.

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