Building on the interest it attracted during its launch at the Safety & Health Show, AlcoSense, the manufacturer and distributor of alcohol testing solutions, is rolling out the AlcoSense TruTouch alcohol detector. The product attracted a lot of interest during the show especially from the Construction industry although it is suitable for any industry with concerns about workplace alcohol and safety issues.

Already in use at a Coca-Cola bottling plant in the USA, where there is a culture of drug and alcohol testing in the workplace, AlcoSense brought the device to the UK believing it can transform workplace attitudes towards alcohol here.

AlcoSense says the AlcoSense TruTouch is intended for use in safety critical areas where a member of the workforce who is impaired by alcohol could pose a danger to the health and safety of other employees or equipment.

AlcoSense managing director Hunter Abbott asked: “We saw considerable interest at the Safety and Health Expo from companies who recognise that it is better to test staff and stop one person who may be impaired by alcohol than not test anyone and risk injury to the rest of the workforce. This protects staff and management alike from the dangers of workplace alcohol impairment.”

The AlcoSense TruTouch is ideal for use at entry phentermine 37.5 mg side effects points into depots or in workplaces including manufacturing, construction, warehousing, offices, fleet drivers, delivery and distribution depots and anywhere quick, accurate and easy alcohol testing.


Capable of performing 180 tests per hour, the AlcoSense TruTouch is a self administered alcohol test which simultaneously measures alcohol levels and verifies identity in under 10 seconds. This enables employers to cost effectively test all safety critical employees every day, or as often as they choose, with a non-invasive, self-administered testing method.

The tester transmits a near infra-red light into the skin via contact with an optical pad. It collects a portion of the light reflected back by the skin and analyses it to determine tissue alcohol concentration and verify user identity. It is an easy, effective, deterrent system allowing frequent alcohol testing in the workplace.

The tests are self-administered by the employee. Any positive readings are automatically notified to a designated manager along with the employee’s identity. All results are recorded for management reporting and compliance recording, and impossible to tamper with – taking out any human element which could affect results.

It was designed by TruTouch Technologies Inc. in the USA and brought to the UK by AlcoSense, TruTouch’s UK partner and distributor.